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German Responses to the June 2019 Mission of the Sea-Watch 3
Klaus Neumann

same rights as German citizens has slowly taken hold; to use the words of Angela Merkel, who ought to be credited with insisting on this idea even when it was unfashionable, ‘The values and rights of our Basic Law are valid for everyone in this country’ ( Merkel, 2019 ). Once it is accepted that the first line of the German constitution’s Article 1, ‘ Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar ’ (‘Human dignity is inviolable’), applies to everyone in Germany, then it makes little sense to deny this right to those outside its borders. An increasing number of Germans

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
A Realistic Ambition?
Pierre Mendiharat
Elba Rahmouni
, and
Léon Salumu

medications close to home. Elba Rahmouni: This project was developed at a time when Kenya was undergoing significant changes in its constitution, with the so-called devolution process giving the regions and their subdivisions greater autonomy. Did that decentralisation process have an impact on how the project was conducted? Léon Salumu: The decentralisation of power also meant decentralisation of our interlocutors. The devolution was a great help

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
José Luís Fiori

system would disintegrate. To be more precise: The constitution of a global empire would always result from the victory of a specific nation state – a state capable of monopolising power to the extent that its rivals disappear. However, if this were to happen, the victorious state would not be able to continue increasing its own power since the mechanism for the accumulation of power – competition – would no longer exist. It is this mechanism that causes the disorderly and uneven, but continuous, expansion of the inter-state system itself

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Sophie Roborgh

Syria to a broader world history and global community. Monitoring and Accountability Many of the strategic choices in the constitution of the mechanisms mentioned above, are informed by the objectives the monitors have in mind. Several organisations and scholars highlight the multiple objectives this data has, such as Elamein et al. , who state: It has long been recognised that robust data are crucial to verifying attacks

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Marie-Luce Desgrandchamps
Lasse Heerten
Arua Oko Omaka
Kevin O'Sullivan
, and
Bertrand Taithe

terms of development. Nigeria asked for independence and it was granted. But within a space of six years, the country was engulfed with a series of conflicts that led to the collapse of the constitution and the eventual outbreak of the war. Different people, including African leaders, made efforts to ensure that the crisis did not go out of control by bringing the Eastern Region and the Federal Government of Nigeria to the negotiating table, but those efforts failed. The

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Resilience and the Language of Compassion
Diego I. Meza

his words with other discourses and highlight the contradictions between his different speeches. For example, at the beginning of the dialogues with the FARC, Santos said: ‘We are not going to negotiate or talk about fundamental aspects of national life, such as the Constitution itself, the development model, the concept of private property; all this is not in discussion, nor will it be’ ( Rebollo, 2012 ). On the one hand, the President’s speech exalts the suffering of the victims, prioritises the defence of their rights and invites all Colombians to become aware of

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Hakim Khaldi

Comment noted during this meeting. 6 Declaration made at Rmeilane where the Constitution of Rojava proclaimed in January 2014 becomes the social contract of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, setting up a federal system, which is rejected by the Syrian government. 7 Letter from the emir of ISIL in Qabassin

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
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Batman Saves the Congo: How Celebrities Disrupt the Politics of Development
Alexandra Cosima Budabin
Lisa Ann Richey

embedded in a global production network through CSR initiatives. 16 As the cases tease out those processes and outcomes at both ends of the production and value chain, the ‘positive’ development and market disruption promised through celebrity, corporate, strategic and socially responsible partnerships is definitely brought into question. The ethnographic and narrative approach calls our attention to how the construction and constitution of the celebrity

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
The Future of Work among the Forcibly Displaced
Evan Easton-Calabria
Andreas Hackl

working people, including those engaged through digital labour platforms. This includes decent work objectives and key declarations by the ILO, its Conventions and Recommendations, as well as its Constitution. Standards on freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, non-discrimination and equal renumeration, as well as the elimination of forced labour and child labour, are all key tenets that digital and non-digital work should uphold ( ILO, 2021 : 204

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Eşref Aksu

Zurich and London Agreements of February 1959 between Britain, Greece and Turkey created the independent ‘Republic of Cyprus’ in 1960. The 1960 constitution provided for strict power-sharing between the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities. The latter, constituting roughly one-fifth of the total population, was granted veto powers over all major legislation, and entitled to a share in governmental

in The United Nations, intra-state peacekeeping and normative change