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The role of France and French interests in European development policy since 1957
Anne-Sophie Claeys

other words, the EU’s privileged partners suffer from the ‘unimportance of being preferred’ (Davenport, 1992: 233). Non-ACP developing countries that only benefit from the Generalised System of Preferences, less advantageous than the Lomé regime, managed to maintain or even to increase their share of European trade. The economic situation of the ACP could even have been worse without trade preferences. Whether true or not, that marginal result cannot be satisfactory. Along with bad trade performances, the debt problem has been on the rise for many ACP countries

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Still unique or just one in the crowd?
Karen E. Smith

, Uruguay and Venezuela). Foreign ministers from both sides meet annually and discuss issues of mutual relevance, including the debt problem and drug trafficking. In 1993, the Community concluded a trade and cooperation agreement with the Andean Pact (Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela). Talks with MERCOSUR (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) led to an inter-regional framework agreement in 1995 and an association agreement in 1996. In June 1999, an EU–Latin America summit was held in Rio de Janeiro, with thirty-three Latin American and Caribbean

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War, Debt, and Colonial Power
Tim Di Muzio and Richard H. Robbins

Confederation, those present at the conference embarked upon creating a strong national constitution that would take the power of money creation and debt relief out of the hands of state legislatures. These legislatures had often proved too democratic and sympathetic to the needs of their constituents, and where they were not, protests typically ensued creating instability and disrespect for “property” (Wood 1969; Edling and Kaplanoff 2004; Holton 2005a). To be sure, addressing the national debt problem and curtailing the rights of states were not the only goals of the

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