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A Realistic Ambition?
Pierre Mendiharat
Elba Rahmouni
, and
Léon Salumu

medications close to home. Elba Rahmouni: This project was developed at a time when Kenya was undergoing significant changes in its constitution, with the so-called devolution process giving the regions and their subdivisions greater autonomy. Did that decentralisation process have an impact on how the project was conducted? Léon Salumu: The decentralisation of power also meant decentralisation of our interlocutors. The devolution was a great help

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
David Rieff

. How might NGOs respond? Will MSF leave the European cities in which its operational centres are based, and will the International Rescue Committee move from its New York headquarters to Dakar, Jakarta or Quito? At the moment, the answer of most major relief groups is implied by their stasis: no. But some measure of devolution appears necessary if they are to retain legitimacy. The gravest political challenge NGOs face lies not in what is going on in the Global South but rather what is going on at home in the Global North, particularly in Europe

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
From conflict transformation to crisis management
Kari M. Osland
Mateja Peter

the idea of local ownership ( von Billerbeck, 2015 ; Ejdus, 2017 ). While such policies are designed to create stronger consultation mechanisms with beneficiaries of international efforts (including non-state actors), in practice, they fail to deliver. Scholars point to a gap between the discourse and practice, as international actors often perceive the devolution of agency to local actors as

in The EU and crisis response
Open Access (free)
Controversies over gaps within EU crisis management policy
Roger Mac Ginty
Sandra Pogodda
, and
Oliver P. Richmond

devolution’ rather than a decision to join forces against shared external challenges ( Habermas, 2009 : 88). It is important to note that the conceptualisation and theorisation of ‘crisis management’ has always tended to represent a very preliminary intellectual and policy strategy in the face of an emerging threat or risk for any political system. Crisis management has implied

in The EU and crisis response