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The social sphere
Ami Pedahzur

of the peace process, it would be better if Arabs did not take part 48.00 48.67 0.033 0.855   Arab complaints of discrimination are not justified 52.88 58.75 2.55 0.110   The Israeli Government should encourage Arab emigration from Israel 54.49 55.16 0.003 0.951   Arabs are too demanding

in The Israeli response to Jewish extremism and violence
Nils Freytag

discrimination joined wider controversies regarding Weltanschauung . This point of view was widely accepted among Prussian civil servants and led to many conflicts with the Catholic Church. Denominational motives were certainly behind some of these attacks. Members of the Evangelischer Bund zur Wahrung der deutsch-protestantischen Interessen (Evangelic Association for the Realization of German Protestant Interests) and journalists

in Witchcraft Continued
A case study in the construction of a myth
S.J. Barnett

, which did not remove the severe restrictions and disabilities upon Dissenters and left the Anglican Church’s privileged relationship with the state untouched. Perhaps the most anachronistic factor to survive the settlement, one reeking of Church–state collusion, was the continued obligation on all to pay the tithe for the upkeep of the Anglican clergy. So, amongst many of the most well educated yet disadvantaged Dissenters, the failure of the Toleration Act to end discrimination ensured that the 1680s crisis of the Church continued into the 1690s and beyond. In late

in The Enlightenment and religion
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The ‘defending democracy’ in Israel – a framework of analysis
Ami Pedahzur

pertains to the ethnic–social issue, principally, the antiestablishment struggle of Jews from Mediterranean and North African countries, consequent to persistent ethnic–socioeconomic divisions and the ensuing feelings of discrimination. 32 An additional axis complementing Sprinzak’s model pertains to the professional–economic conflicts that occasionally took on a violent character in the wake of the increasing extremism of professional union activities. For the purposes of the present thesis, this discussion primarily addresses the first and second

in The Israeli response to Jewish extremism and violence
Attitudes towards subversive movements and violent organisations
Ami Pedahzur

circumscribed and, when enforced, the impairment of basic human rights or arbitrary discrimination among citizens should be avoided. 5 This approach obligates the liberal democracy to confine its struggle against political violence to very narrow boundaries, a fact that does not necessarily coincide with empirical reality in many liberal democratic polities, let alone non-liberal democracies. A consideration of the campaigns waged by democracies against violence and terrorism indicates that, in most cases, the governing body does in fact uphold the rule

in The Israeli response to Jewish extremism and violence
Elizabeth Vandiver
Ralph Keen

This chapter enumerates the life and works of Dr Martin Luther, from the perspective of his lifelong antagonist Johannes Cochlaeus. It notes some peculiarities during his stay with the Monastery of the brothers of St Augustine, either from some secret commerce with a Demon, or from the disease of epilepsy; fraud after he was made Doctor in Theology; controversies in indulgences; and attacks he raised against the doctrine of the Roman church. It suggests that by his cunning, as he complained that he was unjustly pressed by his adversaries and driven into public, Luther gained the greatest favor for himself, not just among the simple people, but also among many grave, learned men, who believed in his words through genuine simplicity. Meanwhile, Cochlaeus, for the sake of asserting and confirming the truth of the Catholic faith against any heretics, also published several books in Latin, criticizing Luther and Phillip Melanchthon.

in Luther’s lives