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Analysing the linkages and exploring possibilities for improving health and wellbeing
Warren Smit

‘the collective physical, economic, policy and sociocultural surroundings, opportunities and conditions that influence people’s food and beverage choices and nutritional status’ (Swinburn et al., 2013 : 25). Food environments are essentially the context in which the acquisition and consumption of food occurs, providing a series of opportunities and constraints that influence decisions about what to eat (FAO, 2016 ). Most studies of urban food environments have focused on the categorisation, measurement and geographic analysis of different types of food outlet

in Urban transformations and public health in the emergent city
The restructuring of work in Britain
Louise Amoore

domestic economic policy’ (Coates and Hay, 2000: 2), delineating ‘foreign’ from ‘domestic’, and ‘politics’ from ‘economics’ in a fashion not dissimilar from orthodox approaches to IPE. As a result, they do not probe the webs of power that make, enable and contest globalisation in particular ways, and surround and suffuse the restructuring agenda. Amoore_Global_04_Ch3 69 6/19/02, 12:17 PM Globalisation contested 70 Following the ‘IPE of social practice’, with its emphasis on historicity, contingency, shifting webs of power and everyday life, I suggest that the

in Globalisation contested