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Ian Scott and Henry Thompson

loss. The war was becoming an enduring concern from which Stone could never shake himself free, even in everyday life, but he had not yet found the story that he really wanted to tell. He knew that, unlike John Wayne’s The Green Berets (1968), he was not seeking a jingoistic redemption, but everything else had not yet fallen into place. It would not be until summer 1976, when he tried to crystallise his experiences once more, that a new screenplay emerged, titled The Platoon. By this time, Stone had separated from Sarkis, and despite financial difficulties, was

in The cinema of Oliver Stone
From Vietnam to the war in the Persian Gulf
John Storey

everyday life. What we remember does not stay the same; memories are forgotten, revised, reorganised, updated, as they undergo rehearsal, interpretation and retelling. Moreover, the more important the event remembered, the more it is vulnerable to reconstruction, as it will be more frequently rehearsed, interpreted and retold. Halbwachs’ third point is to argue that remembering is always present

in Memory and popular film
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History, legend and memory in John Sayles’ Lone Star
Neil Campbell

, as it seems removed from and irrelevant to his own experience, Chet like Sam, must uncover the history of and division within his own family and see its complex relationships to everyday life. When Chet visits Otis’s Black Seminole Indian museum, a hybrid mix of escaped slaves and Native Americans whose ‘border’ identities reveal notions of origin or essence inadequate, he asks about one John Horse

in Memory and popular film
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Thomas Dumm

, Veena Das, and her studies on violence and everyday life. His lengthy, if sub rosa , debate with Jacques Derrida over decades concerning the priorities of writing, speech and the question of voice have even yet not received the attention they need and deserve (though Aletta Norval, among others, has begun to make amends for that slight). His critique of Rawls presents a full

in Cinema, democracy and perfectionism
Margaret Kohn

comes from the spy scenario, but its emotional depth and insight comes from the way that it makes these moments resonate with the moral imperfectionism of everyday life. Love is about the possibility of being betrayed and the reality that you can betray someone and still love them. This runs counter not only to the Hallmark card sentimental version of love, but also to the

in Cinema, democracy and perfectionism
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Royal weddings and the media promotion of British fashion
Jo Stephenson

’ projected on global media platforms. What comes first? Is an event of intrinsic significance captured on film, or does it become a fashion moment by being filmed? Doane’s writing on cinematic time provides a useful approach by reviewing early cinema and its ability to fix moments of time. 12 The actuality films of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century were often recordings of everyday life, of

in The British monarchy on screen
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Fixing the past in English war films
Fred Inglis

instinctively invokes if we want to talk about politics in everyday life. Englishness, however, has taken a bit of a pasting these past thirty or so years, and the kind that I am talking about was only embarrassed by the efforts of Mrs Thatcher and her cronies to reassert a fatuous Great Britishness, which turned out to be in truth a merely shop-keeping little Englandism. Those same efforts of hers compounded

in British cinema of the 1950s
Letter to M. Cavell about cinema (a remake)
Joshua Foa Dienstag

ubiquitous features of everyday life, sound like this. Belarus and North Korea still have such systems in place. Here a defense of friendship is needed, as a minimal condition for a human life. Here an appreciation for the micro-foundations, as our political science friends like to say, of decent daily interaction with our fellow citizens may be required. Indeed, in any modern

in Cinema, democracy and perfectionism