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Olivia Umurerwa Rutazibwa

Introduction All over the globe, fascism, racism and xenophobic nationalism are resurfacing in what we once thought of as ‘respectable’ democracies. Following a particularly bleak weekend at the end of October 2018 (the election of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, reports of worsening famine in Yemen, Israeli bombardment of Gaza and the murder of eleven worshippers at a refugee-harbouring synagogue in Pittsburgh), my colleague Dr Sara Salem of the London School of Economics tweeted: ‘It’s difficult watching political scientists scrambling to understand

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Geoffrey K. Roberts and Patricia Hogwood

List of Entries acquis communitaire Action Directe additionality Additional Member System (AMS) adversary politics Aegean Sea dispute Algerian conflict (1954–62) Alternative Vote System (AV) Amsterdam Treaty animal rights anti-capitalist riots antifa groups [See: anti-fascism] anti-fascism

in The politics today companion to West European Politics
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Geoffrey K. Roberts and Patricia Hogwood

-wing Popular Front and through his increasing attraction to fascism. Convinced that Bolshevism posed the main threat to European civilisation, Laval tried actively to promote Franco-German relations. He joined Marshal Pétain’s right-wing Vichy government, first as Deputy Prime Minister (1940), then as Prime Minister (1942–44). After the armistice with Germany on 22 June 1940, Laval masterminded the suspension of the 1875 constitution

in The politics today companion to West European Politics