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Civilisation, civil society and the Kosovo war
Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen

of ‘barbarism’ signify? Jospin as well as Cook defined ‘barbarism’ as a lapse into the ‘Europe of the past’. In 1999, the West had become used to the construct of the Second World War as the close of its past barbarity, a barbarity now left behind by the civilising process. 48 The Second World War had brought out the evil of human society in the shape of fascism, and the West had

in Mapping European security after Kosovo
Maja Zehfuss

contextualise the German reaction to the Kosovo war. The problem the FRG was experiencing with post-Cold War international military operations, starting with the 1991 Gulf War, is often portrayed as a tension between commitment both to anti-fascism and to pacifism. 51 This debate concerned the Greens in particular, if by no means exclusively, because they had portrayed themselves as a pacifistic

in Mapping European security after Kosovo