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A war of extermination, grave looting, and culture wars in the American West
Tony Platt

, however, differs in one important respect from these examples. With its weak state apparatus in the 1840s and 1850s, the construction of a fully articulated cultural rationale followed rather than preceded the era of destruction. We do not really know in any detail how or if the perpetrators justified their actions. The creation of a public narrative of the state’s past both excused and legitimated racist and racialized images of Native Americans, making it easier for future generations to sleep untroubled and evade a reckoning with the region’s tragic and sorrowful

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Portraying the exhumation and reburial of Polish Jewish Holocaust victims in the pages of yizkor books
Gabriel N. Finder

command for justice which is not satisfied until the murderer’s blood is shed, as it is written, “He who sheds the blood of a 50   Gabriel N. Finder human being, his blood must be shed.”’ I also required that a permanent memorial be placed upon the common grave of the bones so that future generations would remember what the murderers had destroyed and how much holy Jewish blood they shed. Earth! Do not cover their blood! It cries out to [God] from you and demands that [God] avenge it.27 Although Laksman, Frenkel, Mincberg, Braf, and Weichselfish do not seem to have

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The Santa Lucia / Welen Hill – Colectivo MapsUrbe

? Would we have these buildings and this city? What would the streets be called? Let’s try it. Welcome to the Future. You are on the Welen Hill, a meeting point and disputed place for different cultures. Here is the grave of the Chilean race, a strange race of human beings that was a mixture of indigenous Mapuche and Spanish settlers. Here is also Michimalogko’s letter to future generations. Formerly, on that very stone, a letter from Pedro de Valdivia to the King of Spain was engraved, but there

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