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Editor’s Introduction
Michaël Neuman, Fernando Espada, and Róisín Read

Most mainstream discourses on humanitarian security would not consider the community engagement of a team of anthropologists in three West African countries during the Ebola epidemic of 2014–16 as directly related to security – and their article in this special issue on ‘Security and Protection’ hardly touches on security as its own topic. Instead, it provides a detailed account of the need for a thorough understanding of social relationships when defining, and thus securing, humanitarian

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Uses and Misuses of International Humanitarian Law and Humanitarian Principles
Rony Brauman

. Neuman , M. and Weissman , F. (eds) ( 2016 ), Saving Lives and Staying Alive: Humanitarian Security in the Age of Risk Management ( London : Hurst and Co ). Powell , C. ( 2001 ), ‘Remarks to the National Foreign Policy Conference for Leaders of

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Staff Security and Civilian Protection in the Humanitarian Sector
Miriam Bradley

ensuring safe and continued programming and access, this became known as the ‘bible’ of humanitarian security, and an updated version was published in 2010 ( Humanitarian Practice Network, 2010 ). Several more policy guidelines, manuals and documents focused on staff or staff and agency security have been published at the sector level over the past fifteen years ( DG ECHO, 2006 ; Egeland et al. , 2011 ; EISF, 2018 ; IASC, 2015 ; InterAction, 2015 ). Efforts to keep

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Open Access (free)
Fernando Espada

After three special issues of the Journal of Humanitarian Affairs – on humanitarianism and the end of liberal order, humanitarian security and humanitarian innovation – the first regular issue includes a range of articles touching on questions that at the time of writing are largely off the radar of global public attention. When the journal’s editorial board compiled the contributions to this issue, it could not have foreseen the first pandemic of the twenty-first century: Covid-19. The same eyes that now frantically pore over graphs showing the evolution

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Fabrice Weissman

Weissman , F. (eds), Saving Lives and Staying Alive: Humanitarian Security in the Age of Risk Management ( London : Hurst and Co , pp. 127 – 43 ). Moisan , D. ( 2013 ), Rançons. Enquête sur le business des otages ( Paris : Fayard ). Médecins

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
The Law and Politics of Responding to Attacks against Aid Workers
Julia Brooks and Rob Grace

donors will hold them accountable.’ Thus, while many practitioners see the value in speaking out for the protection of civilians and, to an increasing extent, humanitarian actors, a wide range of internal and inter-organisational factors can stymie humanitarian organisations’ ability to use public advocacy as an effective means to alter the humanitarian security dynamics at play in the field environment. Given the limitations and frustrations surrounding both legal accountability and public advocacy, as this and the previous section have discussed, humanitarian

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Emmanuelle Strub

(European Interagency Security Forum) network to set up the crisis-management trainings for all the heads of mission. We held several crisis-management trainings in the Sahel, Turkey, Thailand and Kenya. Most MdM heads of mission completed the training between 2013 and 2015. Task Four: Simplifying the Security Tools The EISF network and the humanitarian security literature it curates also helped guide my

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Open Access (free)
Interpreting Violence on Healthcare in the Early Stage of the South Sudanese Civil War
Xavier Crombé and Joanna Kuper

:// (accessed 25 July 2018) . Weissman , F. ( 2016 ), ‘ Violence against Aid Workers: The Meaning of Measuring ’, in Neuman , M. and Weissman , F. (eds), Saving Lives and Staying Alive. Humanitarian Security in the Age of Risk Management ( London : Hurst and Co ), pp

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs