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Katie Pickles

Columbia, named for the painter, and the Pauline Johnson Chapter named for the native Canadian poet. In an annual ceremony members placed daffodils, her favourite flower, on her monument in Stanley Park, and then took tea. 75 In their promotion of Anglo-Canadian identity, chapter names evoked a sense of idealism, of a romantic chivalry that extended to the dramatic idea of being a Daughter of the Empire

in Female imperialism and national identity
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Sabine Clarke

and practice after 1940 was therefore a combination of idealism and exploitation. In the wake of the 1940 CDW Act, the Colonial Office made a commitment to the development of secondary industry in the Caribbean. L. J. Butler remains the only historian to have considered in any detail the Colonial Office’s policy for industrialisation. 28 His focus was on the drive for import-substitution industries in West Africa and no account exists of plans for the British Caribbean. Indeed, historians of the Caribbean generally deny that Britain ever had such a vision. The

in Science at the end of empire
John Marriott

against anarchy and the single greatest obstacle to change, he warned Indian and European modernizers of the potentially catastrophic nature of change promoted by idealism. The racial inferiority of Indians justified, even demanded, their continued dominance by Britain. It was, concludes Dirks, a ‘bloody legacy that continues to exact a mounting toll’. 154 With perhaps less momentous consequences

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