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Amikam Nachmani

, civic freedom and individual rights. Even when Turkey met the EU membership terms – reduction of subsidies and customs duties, restrictions on agriculture and emigration to EU countries, etc. – Europe continued to fall back on a Greek veto to keep Turkey out. As will be seen, Turkey seized upon the Gulf crisis as an opportunity to improve its standing in Europe and to break out of its isolation. Background: Turkey and Iraq – oil, water, the Kurds Turkish–Iraqi relations were notable for cooperation and correctness. There

in Turkey: facing a new millennium
Volker M. Heins

modern conception of freedom’ (Habermas 2002 : 205) by pitting the protection of individual rights against safeguarding collective ways of life, and by giving precedence to the latter in certain cases of conflict. Nevertheless, Habermas accepts Taylor's initial diagnosis that entire groups of citizens can grow alienated even from a democratic state, because the diverse and fluctuating

in Recognition and Global Politics
Matthew S. Weinert

an embodied norm, meaning one ‘internalized in bodily practices [that] constitutes the subject and his or her recognition by others’ (True 2011 : 76). Hedley Bull considered the brandishing of such norms as ‘equal rights of states to sovereignty, of peoples to self-determination, and of persons of different race to individual rights’ (Gong 1984 : ix) by Africans and Asians

in Recognition and Global Politics
The logics underpining EU enlargement
Helene Sjursen and Karen E. Smith

the common values of the member states. But one important omission, as compared with the Copenhagen conditions, should be noted: protection of minorities. Minority rights are controversial within the EU, as the member states are divided over the concept. France, for example, is more inclined to emphasise individual rights and has neither signed nor ratified the Council of Europe’s Framework Convention on National Minorities, whereas

in Rethinking European Union Foreign Policy