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Jeffrey Pence

becomes an end in itself, a goal of self-fashioning for ongoing retrospection. Such a degree of mnemonic arrest produces a melancholic culture in which progress is marked by the increase of intimacy with the past: whole libraries available through a home terminal; lives video-graphed from birth through toddlerhood, graduations through sexual encounters, surgeries through testaments. Rather than Benjamin

in Memory and popular film
Margaret Kohn

feels greater or at least equal loyalty to Philip. This realization motivates her to try to build a stronger marriage with Philip. Elizabeth discovers that intimacy, however, is also a source of vulnerability. Later in the season, Philip is told to go to New York, where he meets with Irina, a former girlfriend from the USSR, the woman that he had to leave behind in order to accept

in Cinema, democracy and perfectionism
Mandy Merck

, not only does she take up the Princess’s place in the pixelated frame, she also experiences the involuntary intimacy of a much less formal relation of regard, that of celebrity culture. She is, she proclaims, ‘speaking as your Queen’, but in Campbell’s added phrase she continues, ‘ and as a grandmother ’, asserting her familial communality with the people she ‘personates’. Mass mediation is

in The British monarchy on screen
Outdoor screens and public congregations
Ruth Adams

generated the concept of the live, broadcast media must compensate for its lack, by offering intimacy, apparent proximity and equality of access. Media events ‘institutionalize a cinematographic model of “publicness”’, 40 a characteristic emphasised by the emergence of public screenings. With electronic communication

in The British monarchy on screen
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Thomas Dumm

? Would not the representation of a good conversation undermine the capacity to engage in one, as recorded music has undermined the ability to make music? Would a subtle depiction of intimacy really improve our capacity to engage in it? Or would it, on the contrary, deprive us of both the free time and the components of willingness to do so? (p

in Cinema, democracy and perfectionism
Letter to M. Cavell about cinema (a remake)
Joshua Foa Dienstag

photography of private life, but to a specific kind: photography of the normally hidden act of procreation (and, I suppose we should add, of its endless analogs and debasements as well). Is there not a kind of likeness between the ordinary secrecy of procreation and that of constitution-making? Both, we might say, shield a bonding that requires the utmost in intimacy and trust for its

in Cinema, democracy and perfectionism
The Spanish Gardener and its analogues
Alison Platt

signifies the dawning of a new kind of fathering that differs from the patriarchal norm, that offers intimacy and involvement beyond that pattern strictly in place in the post-war years when demobilisation dictated the reinforcement of the gender roles so heavily disrupted by World War II. Ultimately this is the story of an innocent child’s first brush with human fallibility – sin, of a kind. Brande makes

in British cinema of the 1950s
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The Admirable Crichton and Look Back in Anger
Stephen Lacey

literary text, which is privileged over the visual image. ‘Theatricality’ may connote a style of acting that seems scaled towards the open spaces of a theatre auditorium rather than the enforced intimacy of the camera; more generally, it suggests an ‘artificiality’ in performance (judged against the criteria of realism, that is), which is largely unconscious and the result of bad habits rather than a self

in British cinema of the 1950s
Separate Tables, separate entities?
Dominic Shellard

, dreading a life ‘in a few years’ time at one of those separate tables’. Relaxed by intimacy, their sexual attraction is reawakened and Anne proposes they go to her room, but she is called to the telephone by Miss Cooper – who corrects John’s belief that the meeting with his wife was a true coincidence. Anne was on the phone that very minute to his publisher, Wilder. John realises she had tracked him down

in British cinema of the 1950s
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Beckett’s Film
Philipp Schweighauser

both the old man with the walking stick and the old man in the wheelchair are beyond working age. Out of the other three couples, the young lovers may or may not accompany each other on the way to work, the prim elderly couple seems dressed for a day out rather than labour, and the two women friends may just as well be dressed for shopping. The community in the street scene is, then, a community that is not united by a shared purpose. It is, moreover, a community in which there is social interaction (with varying degrees of intimacy and friendliness) within the

in Beckett and media