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Borders, ticking clocks and timelessness among temporary labour migrants in Israel
Robin A. Harper and Hani Zubida Accessed 2 August 2016. Luhmann, Niklas (1967) ‘The future cannot begin: temporal structures in modern society’, Social Research, 43(1): 130–152. Moss, Dorothy (2010) ‘Memory, space and time: researching children’s lives’, Childhood, 17(4): 530–544. Mui, C. Ada (1996) ‘Depression among elderly Chinese immigrants: an exploratory study’, Social Work, 41(6): 633–645. Nakash, Ora, Maayan Nagar, Anat Shoshani, Hani Zubida and Robin A. Harper (2012) ‘The effect of acculturation and discrimination on mental health symptoms and risk behaviors among adolescent

in Migrating borders and moving times
Embodying the disappeared of the Argentinian dictatorship through law
Sévane Garibian

­ laries (the right not to testify against one’s parents or kin, the right to bodily integrity and the right to mental health). Argentina’s Supreme Court, from 2003, ruled several times on this question of the balance between the right to the truth and the right to privacy.28 In respect of minors, the Court’s tendency has always been to approve the imposition of DNA tests, on the principle of ‘the child’s best interest’, the right to privacy and the duty of the state to prosecute those responsible for the stealing of children. In respect of adults, the jurisprudence is

in Human remains and mass violence