Catherine Akurut

continual challenging of my premises led to its progression. A note of thanks to my supervisor, Professor Lyn Snodgrass, for her mentorship, knowledge and guidance throughout the dissertation from which this paper was derived. I will always be thankful to you. Works Cited Achiam , M. and Holmegaard , H. T. ( 2015

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
The Law and Politics of Responding to Attacks against Aid Workers
Julia Brooks and Rob Grace

. Indeed, there has been a definitive embrace of the importance of negotiation in humanitarian operations ( Grace, 2020 ). However, the interview findings suggest that much room for improvement remains. Many interviewees had never received any negotiation training or mentorship, and in relation to hostage negotiations particularly, felt that they and/or their organisations were ill equipped to the task. At the policy level, the compromises that many negotiations bring forth raise unsettled organisational and sector-wide questions about what humanitarians’ ‘red lines’ can

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs