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beginning to argue) now a handicap for the unions and their members? Has the party’s metamorphosis into ‘New’ Labour fundamentally altered the rules and norms governing the relationship? We do not know the answers. But only by studying the changing norms, conventions, role conceptions and aspirations – the cultural fabric of organisational life – can we commence the search for answers. In short, homo sociologicus, as The Contentious Alliance demonstrates so well, still has much more to offer than does homo economicus. ITLP_C11.QXD 18/8/03 Eric Shaw 10:02 am Page 181

in Interpreting the Labour Party
Simone de Beauvoir and a Global Theory of Feminist Recognition

politics of equality as a stepping-stone to a deeper psychic transformation of society: ‘woman cannot be transformed unless society has first made the equal of men … It seems sooner or later they will arrive at complete economic and social equality, which will bring about an inner metamorphosis ’ ( 1972 : 738, my emphasis). 18

in Recognition and Global Politics
The organisation of war-escalation in the Krajina region of Croatia 1990–91

mandatu 1990–1992’, Politicka misao, 30:4, 53–73. Denich, B. (1994a), ‘Unmaking multi-ethnicity in Yugoslavia: metamorphosis observed’, Anthropology of East Europe Review, 11, 43–54. Denich, B. (1994b), ‘Dismembering Yugoslavia: nationalist ideologies and the symbolic revival of genocide’, American Ethnologist, 21:2, 367–390. Der Standard (1990), 4 May (Vienna), 3. Dugandzija, N. (1991), ‘Domet nacionalne zaokupljenosti’, in S. Bahtijarevic and M. Lazic (eds), Polozaj naroda i medjunacionalni odnosi u Hrvatskoj. Sociologijski i demografski aspekti (Zagreb: Institut za

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