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Public presence, discourse, and migrants as threat
Giannis Gkolfinopoulos

constitute the largest part of the public sphere. However, newspapers continue to play a dominant role in setting the agenda of public discourse in Greece. It is common for questions discussed in parliament to be posed by politicians quoting articles from the Greek press. Also the popular morning news shows of major television and radio channels routinely rely on reports and opinions published in the daily

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Between humanitarianism and pragmatism
Alexis Heraclides and Ada Dialla

her husband’s death, became a correspondent in Russia of various US newspapers) and was a friend of General Skobelev (of central Asian fame and later head of the Russian army in the 1877–78 Russo-Ottoman War). Contrary to their lack of information regarding the Bulgarians, the Russian officials were aware of the upcoming Serbian and Montenegrin war against the Ottomans. St Petersburg instructed Kartsov, the Russian consul in Belgrade, to restrain them

in Humanitarian intervention in the long nineteenth century
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A European fin de siècle
Sergei Medvedev

, the Kosovo crisis showed that Russia remained vitally dependent on the new world order’s economic environment, as represented by IMF loans, Western markets for Russian oil and gas, and a vested interest on the part of the country’s elite and an increasing number of ordinary citizens in economic and political openness. Several polls conducted by Russian newspapers among anti-NATO demonstrators near the

in Mapping European security after Kosovo
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Language games in the Kosovo war
Mika Aaltola

violence to achieve political goals. But only Kosovar suffering made Western newspaper headlines and reached Western TV screens, as was illustrated by President Clinton’s remarks in May 1999: In the last few days we have seen more disturbing evidence of the atrocities committed against innocent Kosovars, including some of the first

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Kosovo and the outlines of Europe’s new order
Sergei Medvedev and Peter van Ham

the delocalised world of information networks, TV-screens, newspaper-articles and internet sites. It is on these grounds that the battles over legitimacy, effectiveness and consequences have been fought. Behnke maintains that NATO’s claim to represent a superior ‘community of values’ has been used to authorise the Alliance’s exercise of military force against other, ‘lesser’, states. NATO has presented itself as an agent

in Mapping European security after Kosovo
Eşref Aksu

Turkish Cypriots. The Akritas Plan was first published in the Greek Cypriot newspaper Patris on 21 April 1966 ‘with the professed intention of exposing the mishandling of the Greek Cypriot cause by Archbishop Makarios’: see Z. M. Necatigil, Our Republic in Perspective (Nicosia: Tezel, 1985 ), p. 4. For full text of the Akritas Plan, see A/33/115-S/12722 of 30 May 1978

in The United Nations, intra-state peacekeeping and normative change
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Virtuousness, virtuality and virtuosity in NATO’s representation of the Kosovo campaign
Andreas Behnke

part, of a wider campaign in which the crucial battleground is the delocalised world of information networks, TV screens, newspaper articles and internet sites. It is on these grounds that the battles over the legitimacy, effectiveness and consequences are fought. Admissions of manipulated videos of Allied Force amount to defeats for NATO, while media reports about mass graves in Kosovo ‘confirm’ the

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Data becoming risk information
Nathaniel O’Grady

identified not through queries in the FRS digital infrastructure but by a local newspaper article. Conceptually speaking, the processes of data mobilisation, transmission, and homeomorphism are all components that in the case of the IRS are inseparable and rolled into one another. Along with being a data storage and sourcing device, one of the IRS’s key functions for the FRS is its ability to mobilise and

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Constructing security in historical perspective
Jonathan B. Isacoff

names are derived from the Old Testament. 16 See note 9, above. 17 Mideast Mirror 1997 . The Mirror gives the statement from the newspaper Ma ariv . 18 International

in Redefining security in the Middle East
Heikki Patomäki

Mogadishu streets. Congressman Charles Rangel, an old friend, told me that the American public was particularly outraged by this event because those who were dragging the body of the American soldier were black. 33 Consequently, the public opinion of newspaper editors and congressmen ‘surged strongly against the US presence in

in Mapping European security after Kosovo