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India and America
Peter D.G. Thomas

whole administration’. Bedford contended that Grenville was ‘the most able man’ for that post, but could be balanced by Rockingham as a Secretary of State and Charles Yorke as Lord Chancellor.109 These negotiations in the spring of 1767 failed over disputes about office, not policy, for Grenville volunteered assurances that he would not seek to renew the policy of American taxation reversed by the Rockingham ministry.110 Opposition parties therefore could combine to harass the Chatham administration on America as well as India, when colonial matters increasingly came

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Yalta farewell; how new a world?
Kjell M. Torbiörn

necessitated by the ratification of the Treaty of European Union (all that was formally required under the constitution). However, over the summer the French began to reflect, much as the Danes had done a few months earlier. The main opposition party, the RPR (Rassemblement Pour la République) became deeply divided, displaying the traditional French ambivalence about, on the one hand, more integration in order to rein in Germany and to permit France to play a dominant role in European affairs and, on the other, less integration to preserve French sovereignty in a Gaullist

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