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polished prose of her most famous early work, The Return of the Soldier,22 and it never achieved the critical acclaim of later novels such as The Fountain Overflows and The Birds Fall Down.23 To understand War Nurse it is necessary to appreciate West’s insistent feminism. A campaigner for women’s rights in the popular press of her time, she allowed a sense of the injustices suffered by the women of the early twentieth century resonate through her writings, along with her belief that their contributions and sacrifices were not recognised.24 This may be what drew her to

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The growth and measurement of British public education since the early nineteenth century
David Vincent

findings: It must be owned that our multiplying abodes of want, of wretchedness and of crime, our town populations huddled together in ill-ventilated and undrained courts and cellars – our numerous workhouses filled to overflowing with the children of want – and our prisons (scarcely less numerous) filled to overflowing with the votaries of want, do indeed but too sadly and too strongly attest that all is not as it should be with us as regards this most important branch of human progress. (Porter 1843: 172) The overall problem pointed to a principal cause: It is seen

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Nico Randeraad

easily overflowed into one another. Humboldt’s thirst for knowledge carried him from flowers to the stars, from Europe to South America, and – perhaps the most difficult feat of his day – from Berlin to Paris and back again. Like statisticians, he was mesmerised by the connection between the general and the specific. His goal was to find unity in diversity. Every discovery was the tendril of a new insight and a step towards a higher truth. Each natural law was a springboard to the discovery of another. Despite his tremendous faith in empirical observation and

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Catherine Hall

European laws’. They were servants to be ruled with impartiality. For Froude the only true West Indian was a white West Indian, an Anglo-West Indian, one who could demonstrate his connectedness with the English. ‘Those beautiful West Indian islands were intended to be homes for the overflowing numbers of our own race, and the few that have gone there have been crowded out by the blacks.’ It was essential

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Daniel Klerman

minor, the justices, if they deem it expedient [and] for good reason, [as] where a serious crime is being concealed and the jurors intend to hide the truth through love, hatred or fear, may separate the jurors one from the other and examine each of them individually in order to establish the truth adequately.46 This passage is overflowing with evidence that jurors were self informing. If the judge was suspicious of the presenting jurors, he questioned them about the sources of their information. Obviously, the information on which the jurors based their presentment

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Stephen J. Kunitz

believed that one world community would evolve, with separate races disappearing, but with the descendants of the most advanced dominating. William Henry Holmes, a colleague of Powell’s, wrote: In the inevitable course of human history the individual races will probably fade out and disappear, and the world will be filled to overflowing with a generalized race in which the dominating blood will be that of the race that today has the strongest claim, physically and intellectually, to take possession of all the resources of the land and sea. The resultant race will not

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Emigration and sectarian rivalry
Sarah Roddy

_Population_Printer.indd 150 15/09/2014 11:47 Emigration and sectarian rivalry I was, God help me, very proud of my flock seven or eight years ago. I rejoiced – I felt perhaps an unbecoming pride – when they crowded around my chapel in their holiday finery. [...] My chapel always overflowed – there is hardly a third of it occupied at present – and the showy gowns and ribbons, and the flashy kerchiefs have almost ­disappeared. There is, instead, squalor and rags, tottering old age and no children.15 On a personal level, for a clergy wholly dependent on the offerings of their parishioners

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Staging class aboard the omnibus
Masha Belenky

it will have been born!) In describing the omnibus interior, he highlights the social diversity of the passengers: a lovely young lady, a worker wearing a casquette , a government clerk, a drunkard, a dandy sporting fashionable yellow gloves, a corpulent country woman with baskets overflowing with food, a grisette , a respectable older gentleman and, finally, an old marquise, who had lost her fortune in the Revolution. Yet, de Kock suggests, the omnibus space promotes what he calls a ‘co-fraternity’ among these diverse types of people: ‘Et bien! Malgré ses

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Patrick Doyle

known for centuries’. He argued that acceptance of the controversial Treaty would bring Ireland closer to that ‘solemn moment when full responsibility for our own civilisation and social order will be flung upon the shoulders of the Irish people’. 2 The new state, in turn, would have to recognise the co-operative movement's important efforts to bring the idea of the Irish nation into a practical reality. Looking forward Æ asserted that: The principles [the IAOS] has advocated have overflowed from the agricultural sphere

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Nicholas Atkin

, this prospect of 2499 Chap2 7/4/03 2:42 pm Page 77 Refugees 77 being torpedoed by a U-boat did not prevent some 500 refugees from returning to their homeland in the immediate six months after the Battle of France. Quite who volunteered for repatriation is unclear. While it is likely that this number included troublemakers identified by the British, it also comprised those who simply could not adapt to a new way of life. As we have seen, Britain was a strange land with strange customs, the welcome of officialdom had not exactly been overflowing with charity

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