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Knud Erik Jørgensen

close to being a policy failure, it has, nevertheless, also been a remarkable sign of international ‘actorness’ on the part of the EU, with the Union functioning for three years as the primary external crisis manager (Owen 1995 ; Jørgensen 1996 ). This involvement also tells us something about the aspirations of policy-makers concerning the international role of the European Union. Sixth, Europe has

in Rethinking European Union Foreign Policy
Brian White

a detailed chapter on Britain, the foreign policies of member states are scarcely recognisable as traditional foreign policy. The context in which they operate, the processes through which they are made and their outputs all show very clearly the growing impact of Europeanisation. Fourth, despite the focus in much of the literature and the media on specific policy failures and the ineffectiveness of European

in Rethinking European Union Foreign Policy
Managing the criminal facets of war economies
Jenny H. Peterson

economy_2652Prelims 25/11/2013 15:06 Page 110 Building a peace economy? ence was viewed with great suspicion. A transfer to local authorities and bodies is a positive step forward in terms of re-establishing relationships of accountability between local institutions and Kosovars and will help limit the unhelpful blame game between Kosovars and internationals regarding policy failures. However, serious questions remain regarding the pace of the transition. Reports suggest that the control maintained by CIVPOL in the form of executive policing for such an extended period

in Building a peace economy?
Rousseau as a constitutionalist
Mads Qvortrup

choice (Trachtenberg 1993). Rousseau’s interest in policy failures is evidently based on the epistemological view, which stresses the fallibility of human knowledge and, consequently, the most unplatonic view that no one has privileged access to the general will. Contrary to the charge that Rousseau’s political philosophy would lead to authoritarianism (as the rulers would claim to be the only ones who fathomed la volonté général, whereas the ordinary citizen should be ‘forced to be free’ (‘qu’en le forcera d’être libre’) (III: 364) by the benevolent, if autocratic

in The political philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Open Access (free)
Thomas Robb

Conspiracy or Foreign Policy Failure? (London: AuthorHouse, 2009); O’Malley and Craig, The Cyprus Conspiracy; Aldrich, GCHQ, p. 326. 04_Strained_partnership_128-174.indd 165 06/11/2013 13:50 166 A strained partnership?   99 Telcon: The President–Secretary Kissinger, 10 August 1974, File: CyprUS–Kissinger Telcons 8/6/74, Henry Kissinger and Brent Scowcroft Temporary Parallel File, Box A1, GFL. Not that this won the US much sympathy amongst Greek nationalists given the US Ambassador in Nicosia, Rodger P. Davies, was murdered by a sniper during a protest outside the US

in A strained partnership?