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The Rotuli de Dominabus et Pueris et Puellis de XII Comitatibus of 1185

English Society and Politics, 1217–1327 (Princeton NJ: Princeton University Press, 1988), p. 119. 8 T. Keefe, Feudal Assessments and the Political Community under Henry II and his Sons (Berkeley CA: University of California Press, 1983), p. 118. Milsom argued that Henry II merely tried to make feudal society work according to its own rules: Milsom, ‘Inheritance by women’; see, for example, the discussion of women inheriting, pp. 64–9. 9 Gillingham, Angevin Empire, pp. 55–9. 10 Warren, Governance of Norman and Angevin England, chapter 6, esp. pp. 165–6. 11 Holt, ‘Heiress

in Noblewomen, aristocracy and power in the twelfth-century Anglo-Norman realm