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Joshua Foa Dienstag

. Although the immediate focus of the essay is M. Cavell, the larger target is the general Enlightenment position, revived today in more than one quarter (e.g., William Connolly, Richard Rorty, Robert Pippin, Jacques Rancière) that popular film can serve to instruct us in democracy. Indeed, perhaps here is the place to re-emphasize that I criticize Cavell not because I think he is the

in Cinema, democracy and perfectionism
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Religious influences on the depictions of science in mainstream movies
David A. Kirby and Amy C. Chambers

’s birthday, only 4 in 10 believe in evolution. GALLUP, 11 February. Retrieved 17 March 2016 from: poll/114544/Darwin-Birthday-Believe-Evolution.aspx. Nisbet, M., and Scheufele, D. A. (2009). What’s next for science communication? Promising directions and lingering distractions. American Journal of Botany, 96(10), 1767–1778. Olasky, M. N. (1985). The failure of movie industry public relations, 1921–1934. Journal of Popular Film and Television, 12(4), 163–170. Ostherr, K. (2013). Medical Visions: Producing the Patient Through Film, Television, and Imaging

in Science and the politics of openness
Andrew Monaghan

arts, film and music industries into the team. While scandals emerged about some of these personalities being pressured into joining the team, 42 many cultural figures are genuine subscribers to Putin’s campaign: an obvious example being Govorukhin, the prominent and popular film director. Similarly, the Putin team sought to echo the opposition protest demonstrations, mounting their own, which

in The new politics of Russia