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Handling urban overflows
Orvar Löfgren

-Gibson (2016) and Kingsley (2016) present such materials, but also good overviews of the European refugee crisis. Other strong detailed accounts are found in Collins (2017) and Schmidle (2015). For a general discussion and analysis of the crisis see, for example, Glorius and Doomernik (2016), Rolshoven and Schlör (2016), and de Genova (2017). The Wikipedia article ‘European migrant crisis’ (2017) contains a wealth of information on the crisis, with statistics, changing travel routes, and extensive coverage of the media debate. 62 Overwhelmed by overflows The current

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Lessons for critical security studies?
Emmanuel-Pierre Guittet

significance is not easy. As Thomas Faist ( 2013 ) notes, it is problematic to assume that enhanced mobility is self-evidently positive or equally shared. Indeed, the current global refugee crisis is a tragic reminder of how mobility and immobility are certainly at the core of international politics, in both positive and negative ways. As the ‘flow’ of refugees grows, one can witness the increasing

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‘Ordinary’ people and immigration politics
Hannah Jones, Yasmin Gunaratnam, Gargi Bhattacharyya, William Davies, Sukhwant Dhaliwal, Emma Jackson and Roiyah Saltus

Britain , London : The Stationery Office . Hussan , S.K. ( 2013 ) ‘ Epilogue ’, in H. Walia , Undoing Border Imperialism , Edinburgh : AK Press/Institute of Anarchist Studies , pp. 277–84 . Jones , H. ( 2015 ) ‘ Public opinion on the refugee crisis is changing fast – and for the better

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Open Access (free)
Hannah Jones, Yasmin Gunaratnam, Gargi Bhattacharyya, William Davies, Sukhwant Dhaliwal, Emma Jackson and Roiyah Saltus

statement to Parliament ’, Immigration Enforcement: Operation Vaken , 13 October, [last accessed 30 April 2016]. Holmes , S. and Castañeda , H. ( 2016 ) ‘ Representing the “European refugee crisis” in Germany and beyond: Deservingness and difference, life and death ’, American Ethnologist , 43 ( 1 ): 12

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Racism, immigration and the state
Steve Loyal

, reproduces this ideological correlation. 2 That is, nationals not born in Ireland or a member state of the European Economic Area. 3 Other methods of entry include student visas and tourist visas. 4 C. Calhoun, Nationalism (Basingstoke: Open University Press, 1997). 5 B. Rolston and M. Shannon, Encounters: How Racism Came to Ireland (Belfast: Beyond the Pale, 2002). 6 ‘Programme refugees’ differ from ‘Convention refugees’ in that they are invited by the government in groups. 7 E. Ward, ‘“A big show-off to show what we could do” – Ireland and the Hungarian refugee crisis of

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