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Terrell Carver

backgrounding and naturalising of sexual, reproductive and ‘family’ arrangements. There are, of course, exceptions, and it is worth exploring one in particular in order to raise the issue of bodily differences and the question of the validity of generalisations in relation to sex. Plato’s dramatic dialogue The Republic ( c . 380–370 bc) is the sole malestream work that raises female sexual difference as an issue in relation to

in Political concepts
Meanings, Limits, Manifestations
Patrick Hayden and Kate Schick

deconstructive traditions, Butler's work attempts to expose how sexual difference is produced by a heteronormative discourse grounded on a series of hierarchical and naturalizing conceptual distinctions between men and women. She argues that referring to a self-explanatory female gender identity is misleading, since women of different ethnicities, classes and religions rarely have the same or invariant interests

in Recognition and Global Politics
Simone de Beauvoir and a Global Theory of Feminist Recognition
Monica Mookherjee

pessimistically that ‘in truth, that Golden Age of Woman is a myth’ (102). 11 Beauvoir argues against Engels by insisting that it is ‘the imperialism of human consciousness, seeking always to exercise sovereignty in objective fashion’ ( 1972 : 58) which constitutes the real origin of sexual difference

in Recognition and Global Politics