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Pertti Joenniemi

concerning war have been problematised as well. It is recognised that war is not a permanent and unchanging principle or institution, but rather a social practice with its own history. Quincy Wright has argued that modern war ‘rests upon an elaborate ideological construction maintained through education in a system of language, law, symbols and values’. 1 War is a practice with typical modes of performance

in Mapping European security after Kosovo
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Redefining security in the Middle East
Tami Amanda Jacoby and Brent E. Sasley

existential threat and special measures designed to meet that threat are created by uttering particular discourses ( Buzan, Waever and de Wilde, 1998 ). Influenced to a large extent by Lacan’s definition of ‘the symbolic order’ ( 1977 ) and Foucault’s notion of discourse as a ‘social practice’ ( 1972 ), critical security studies scholars have demonstrated that security is itself a discourse, or

in Redefining security in the Middle East
Analysing the example of data territorialisation
Andreas Baur-Ahrens

connecting commercial or public infrastructure (routers, wires, data centres), as well as traffic protocols and standards. Following Mimi Sheller and John Urry ( 2006 : 210, 212; see also Söderström et al. 2013 : 7), it is these ‘multiple fixities and moorings’ materialised by immobile infrastructures, regulatory frameworks, and social practices that organise the flow of information. In order to understand

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Heikki Patomäki

systematic distortion and misrepresentation. Commercial media seem to operate outside the scientific principles of source criticism and public verifiability, and the democratic principles of accountability. The result tends to be a set of very specific social practices resembling Baudrillard’s infamous self-referential system of simulation, in which all sense of truth and origin is lost in the play of

in Mapping European security after Kosovo