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Bill Jordan

to establish competing authorities (or contracted commercial providers) for each of the social services. 8 In this new environment, voting with the feet – by moving to another jurisdiction – becomes the public choice equivalent of market preference and consumer sovereignty. The declared aim of these approaches has been to hold down taxation and ‘tame the Leviathan’ of central government, 9 but their effects have been

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Elana Wilson Rowe

Arctic, I  would argue that there are four main tensions or balancing acts that characterise Russian policymaking around development questions (for an extended discussion, see Wilson Rowe, 2017a). First, there is a tension between traditions of, and continued need for, large State subsidies of Arctic infrastructure and social services, and the desire to have the Arctic primarily as a source of profit for the entire country. Russia inherited from the Soviet Union a North ill-​suited to the demands and logic of the market economy. Russian northern policy during the

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Armando Barrientos and Martin Powell

and the New Right from the perspective of developing countries, or the view from the South. These characteristics are: party control by the new middle class; a complementary role for the state; managerial state reform; basic social services executed by public non-state organisations; financing of basic social services by the state; state assured basic state security; neo

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Kevin Harrison and Tony Boyd

includes child benefit, state pensions, disability benefits, unemployment payments and access to health, education and social services. Citizens may claim other ‘means-tested’ benefits on the basis of an assessment of their assets. If, however, citizens choose to exercise their freedom and pay for private health and education, for example, it does not entitle them to reduce their contributions to the state scheme, nor does it

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The Third Way and the case of the Private Finance Initiative
Eric Shaw

responsibility for which lies with bodies or agencies not party to a contract. An example would be adequate provision for the elderly, which requires close collaboration between suppliers of both primary and community care, responsibility for which is divided between the NHS and local government social services departments. However, it may make financial sense for NHS commissioning bodies

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The autonomous life?
Nazima Kadir

created by democratic politics. Sociologist Michael Schwalbe’s ( 1996 ) ethnography of the American men’s movement focuses entirely on the identity and masculinity concerns of the participants. According to Schwalbe’s research, informed by years of participant observation in the 1990s, participants of the men’s movement consist of highly educated, upper-middle-class men in their late forties and early fifties, who have mainly succeeded professionally in feminized social service professions (education, social work

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DSI approaches and behaviours
Jenny H. Peterson

structures including tax collection and the provision of social services. It might also form a fundamental part of patronage networks, allowing for a degree of political continuity or stability. At a higher level, the war economy may be contributing to the wider political goals of a society, such as a demand for independence. As Andreas (2005) notes, smuggling and other related activities have at times become seen as a patriotic duty. Of course ideally conflicts would be solved without violence. The international community could have possibly prevented the violence in

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