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Lessons for critical security studies?
Emmanuel-Pierre Guittet

of this, I take a step back and reflect more broadly on the intersections, actual and potential, between the literatures on mobilities and critical security studies. The ‘new mobilities paradigm’ emerged across different disciplines from sociology to geography, anthropology to business studies, migration and tourism to urban studies. 1 Mobility may be undoubtedly fashionable but evaluating its

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Ontological coordination and the assessment of consistency in asylum requests
Bruno Magalhães

/New York: Routledge. Cabot, H., 2013. “The social aesthetics of eligibility: NGO aid and indeterminacy in the Greek asylum process.” American Ethnologist 40(3): 452–466. Callon, M., 1986. ‘Some Elements of a Sociology of Translation: Domestication of the Scallops and the Fishermen of St Brieuc Bay’, in J. Law, ed., Power, Action and Belief: A New Sociology of Knowledge? , London

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Israeli security experience as an international brand
Erella Grassiani

., 1998. Mastering Soldiers , New York: Berghahn. Bourdieu, P., 2002. ‘The Forms of Capital’, in N. Biggart, ed., Readings in Economic Sociology , Oxford: Blackwell. Buzan, B., O. Wæver, and J. De Wilde, 1998. Security: A New Framework for Analysis , Boulder, CO: Rienner. Coaffee, J. and P. Rogers, 2008. ‘Reputational Risk

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Security/ Mobility and politics of movement
Marie Beauchamps, Marijn Hoijtink, Matthias Leese, Bruno Magalhães, and Sharon Weinblum

the Airport? Visualization, Exposure, and Laughter in the “War on Terror”’, International Political Sociology 9(1): 37–52. Lyon, D., ed., 2003. Surveillance as Social Sorting: Privacy, Risk, and Digital Discrimination , London/New York: Routledge. Lyon, D., 2006. ‘Airport Screening, Surveillance, and Social Sorting: Canadian Responses to 9/11 in Context’, Canadian

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A discourse view on the European Community and the abolition of border controls in the second half of the 1980s
Stef Wittendorp

borders (Newman 2001 : 140–1) and their function was understood as either open or closed (Rumford 2006 : 160). A sociological approach to borders has turned attention to the meaning-making practices involving borders (Parker and Vaughan-Williams 2009 ; Parizot et al. 2014 ; Johnson et al. 2011 ). It led to the notion of bordering, a focus on the process through which borders are made and remade; borders are never permanent

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Public presence, discourse, and migrants as threat
Giannis Gkolfinopoulos

). Psychoyos, D., 2004. Print Media: From Clay to the Web , Athens: Kastaniotis Press (in Greek). Simmel, G., 1950 [1908]. ‘The Stranger’, in K. Wolf, ed., The Sociology of Georg Simmel , Glencoe: The Free Press, pp. 402–08. ‘Statement of the Assembly of Migrant Hunger Strikers’ (January 2011),

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Analysing the example of data territorialisation
Andreas Baur-Ahrens

, Cambridge: MIT Press. Deibert, R. and R. Rohozinski, 2010a. ‘Risking Security: Policies and Paradoxes of Cyberspace Security’, International Political Sociology 4(1): 15–32. Deibert, R. and R. Rohozinski, 2010b. ‘Beyond Denial: Introducing Next-Generation Information Access Controls’, in R. Deibert, J. Palfrey, R. Rohozinski, and J. Zittrain, eds

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Sharon Weinblum

Challenges , Leiden: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers. Ceyhan, A., 2004. ‘Sécurité, frontières et surveillance aux Etats-Unis après le 11 septembre 2001’, Cultures & Conflits 53: 113–45. Dillon, M., 2007. ‘Governing Terror: The State of Emergency of Biopolitical Emergence’, International Political Sociology 1(1): 7–28. Doty, R. L., 2003. Anti-Immigrantism in

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Data becoming risk information
Nathaniel O’Grady

deployment of data and, later still down the line, how this data becomes actionable information that opens up future emergencies to governance in the here and now. As recent literature in geography (Adey 2006 ; O’Grady 2014 ), sociology (Urry 2007 ) and critical approaches to security (Salter 2013 ) shows, movement needs to be treated in more refined, nuanced, and distinct ways if we are to properly

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Surveillance and transgender bodies in a post-9/ 11 era of neoliberalism
Christine Quinan (accessed 28 May 2015). Hines, S., 2007a. TransForming Gender: Transgender Practices of Identity, Intimacy and Care , Bristol: Policy Press. Hines, S., 2007b. ‘(Trans)Forming Gender: Social Change and Transgender Citizenship’, Sociological Research Online 12

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