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The parliamentary arena

participate in the forming of the political will of the people. They may be freely established. Their internal organisation must conform to democratic principles. They must publicly account for the sources and use of their funds and for their assets. 2 Parties which, by reason of their aims or the behaviour of their adherents, seek to impair or abolish the free democratic basic order or to endanger the existence of the Federal Republic of Germany, shall be unconstitutional. The Federal Constitutional Court shall decide on the question of

in The Israeli response to Jewish extremism and violence

Republic, he began the study of law.6 But a short time later, when he was twenty-one, suddenly, against the opinion of his parents and relatives, he went to the College of Augustinian Monks at Erfurt, and sought to be admitted.7 Once admitted, he soon learned the teaching of the Church not only by the most intense study, but he himself also gained self-mastery by the greatest severity of discipline, and he far surpassed the others in all the exercises of readings, disputes, fasts, and prayers. He was, however, by nature something I often marveled at, neither small nor

in Luther’s lives

, in the year 1521, having been called there by the Emperor Charles, Fifth of that name. Dr Martin Luther had, three years earlier, put forward certain paradoxes to be discussed 86 Luther’s lives in Wittenberg, a town of Saxony, against the tyranny of the Roman Bishop. Although these paradoxes were, from time to time, torn up and burned by various people, nevertheless they were refuted by nothing from either the Scriptures or arguments from reason. The matter began to tend toward an uprising, since the common people supported the cause of the Gospel against the

in Luther’s lives