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Civil rites of passage
Sharon Monteith

need to be useful in a community in which her symbolic status as a southern lady can operate to deny her autonomy. The film is actually Miriam’s story about wresting back her autonomy; civil rights history is reshaped into a (white) feminist coming-of-age story. Mississippi burning and squirming The recycling and consumption of the past as nostalgia fortifies popular cultural representations of the

in Memory and popular film
Mia-Marie Hammarlin

spread by mass media during the First World War, and it also led to the concept of ‘news’ being redefined by professional organisations, such as the American news agency AP, the Associated Press. Gradually, in America as well as in Western Europe, both journalism and the news it produced came to adhere to guiding principles such as objectivity, impartiality, specialisation, source criticism, investigative methods, and autonomy. Since then, the objectivity ideal has been problematised by both journalists and researchers. Nevertheless, it remains strong within the corps

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New retro movies in 1990s Hollywood cinema
Philip Drake

means that recognition of songs by audiences will influence interpretation of narrative events, most obviously where lyrics are used to comment on the action or music is used as an ironic counterpoint to action onscreen. The pop music soundtrack creates a relationship between sound and image that is layered, where music plays an active role in the construction of narrative through its partial autonomy. In Jackie

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