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Margaret Kohn

finds out about the deception, she tells him to move out. How does this compare with the tripartite structures of The Philadelphia Story and The Rules of the Game ? I want to suggest it is a more subtle variant on the same theme. Elizabeth too is confronted with a choice between three options, the moral certainty of rigid ideology, the sense

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Civil rites of passage
Sharon Monteith

Movement as confrontations of good versus evil, and Pearce assembles scenes to locate this feature of the Montgomery struggle; white intransigence, often very vocal and translated into brute force, is opposed by black moral certainty and courageous calm. A pragmatic desire to maintain the domestic status quo that enables her own lifestyle, combined with something close to an altruistic concern for the

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Serious Charge and film censorship
Tony Aldgate

. In the event, no more work was needed for John Woolf’s purposes since he proceeded to withdraw from the project. The reasons why he did so are difficult to fathom with any degree of certainty. Perhaps he tired of the BBFC’s continuing vacillations; perhaps he felt that the ‘emasculated’ version had gone too far down the path, anyway, of selling out on an otherwise laudable idea for a screenplay; or

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Robert Hamer after Ealing
Philip Kemp

Catholicism. Though not religious, Hamer felt a grudging envy for the certainties of faith – as does his surrogate in the film, played by Peter Finch with saturnine charm. A renegade aristocrat (like Ledocq in The Spider and the Fly ), Flambeau steals not out of greed or viciousness, but to requite a world that has no place for him. ‘I was trained as a good swordsman,’ he tells Brown, ‘but in a

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Fixing the past in English war films
Fred Inglis

leggy boy running through bullets to check on his men and later finding half of one burned to ashes in the driver’s seat. It includes the letters sent to him when, in spite of the certainty of the troopers’ deaths, the army had only posted them as ‘missing’ and their families were being put through the mutual strain of hope and anguish for impossibly long. Here are some extracts from the letters quoted

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Ian Scott and Henry Thompson

shorter than the Revisited version, and takes a slightly quicker route still to the Battle of Gaugamela. The Ultimate Cut premiered the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in July 2013, and released on Blu-​ray and DVD in June 2014. With as much certainty as he could muster in the circumstances, Stone declared in interview in August 2013: ‘I am now signed off on it! I’m finished! I can’t do more.’41 Inevitably, Stone’s efforts to address the difficulties that he perceived within the early versions of the film were limited by the available footage. In the third

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Contemporary ‘British’ cinema and the nation’s monarchs
Andrew Higson

outside Buckingham Palace that Elizabeth II in The Queen is able re-establish her class certainty and her symbolic authority. Each of those films also plays an important part in the presentation of the late modern monarchy as domestic, ordinary and feminine, the monarch’s authority represented as much by their status as head of the royal family, and by extension the national family, as by the spectacle of

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The King’s Speech as melodrama
Nicola Rehling

-sacred’ era, there was still an ongoing craving for moral certainty, but it was only conceivable in personal terms. 16 Melodrama, for Brooks, is thus ‘a peculiarly modern form’ that responds to the loss of pre-Enlightenment values by ‘making the world morally legible’, often through a distinct polarisation of good and evil in order to reassure us of ‘their presence and operation as real forces in the world’. 17 For this reason

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