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An instituted economic process approach

its complementarity with the slave trade. Zuckerman (1999) chose the potato as an instrument for asking a somewhat different question from these studies, namely, how the potato was adopted differentially by national cuisines and class diets from the time it first crossed the Atlantic. Pilcher (1998) has explored how a distinctively mestizo cuisine developed from a cultural and colonial conflict between indigenous maize culture and European wheat culture in Mexico. My own research has adopted the tomato as its favoured empirical probe to analyse the transformations

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  Supposed importation. b   Supposed infection from imported raw cotton. c   A further 33 cases (including 10 deaths) occurred in the Southend and Merseyside areas. It is possible that these infections were derived from these importations. d   Variola minor . e   Suspected importation. Child's mother developed modified smallpox. Source : Adapted from TNA: MH 154/404, Importations of smallpox into England and Wales 1936–1970. Britain's public health responses to smallpox were well established, and the

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