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From starving children to satirical saviours
Rachel Tavernor

daily life; within the UK, twenty-four million people log on to Facebook every day. 13 With the penetration of social networks into everyday life, NGOs now use online platforms as a tool to connect and communicate to ‘networked publics’. 14 In 2009, the introduction of Facebook ‘pages’ facilitated a space for organisations, including NGOs, to create public profiles. Facebook ‘pages’ mirror individual

in Global humanitarianism and media culture
Laura Suski

understand how morality can be built in the space of consumption. 59 As Barnett et al. note, we need to speak of everyday consumption practices as ‘ordinarily ethical’, as practices through which we construct a life through negotiating practical choices about routine consumption. 60 While it is clear that childhood consumption requires a unique model of political consumerism, it also provides an important opportunity to explore a

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Cinema, news media and perception management of the Gaza conflicts
Shohini Chaudhuri

’s continuing actions against the Palestinians as it is about the past. The different perspective offered by Where Should the Birds Fly Palestinians have challenged the perception management of mainstream media by creating their own images of both the destruction and everyday life in Gaza, in which they feature as agents and actors in their own narratives. Where Should the Birds

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Offline and online games, branding and humanitarianism at the Roskilde Festival
Lene Bull Christiansen and Mette Fog Olwig

by moving from grey/dark everyday life to a bright and lit-up gym setting: Birgitte: Annika has always been particularly sensitive – that was what I called it – we kind of gave it our own name. When she turned ten she suddenly became really, really ill and unfortunately it took more than a year for her to get a

in Global humanitarianism and media culture
Open Access (free)
Michael Lawrence and Rachel Tavernor

questions and struggles. Humanitarian media is typically constituted by revelatory yet routine representations of emergency and exigency aimed at the prompt solicitation of sympathy and solidarity. As Erica Bornstein and Peter Redfield suggest, contemporary humanitarianism ‘remains inherently presentist’ due to its concern for ‘the lives and welfare of those now living’: ‘the life-saving norm of international aid … at its core seeks

in Global humanitarianism and media culture
Grassroots exceptionalism in humanitarian memoir
Emily Bauman

, to ‘become a student all over again’, to learn how to grasp the realities of everyday life outside of ‘traditional book learning’ (ix). Instead of the macro the micro will be his analytical lens, as it will eventually be the foundation of his humanitarian enterprise: naively shifting from universal, systems-based thinking to the point of view of the radical particular. In an echo of Mortenson’s tutelage under Haji

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The management of migration between care and control
Pierluigi Musarò

Mediterranean as a place where the ‘state of exception’ takes place and migrants are reduced to ‘bare life’ – excluded from the sphere of human values, civic rights and moral obligations – contributes to obscure the structural role of European border policies and everyday practices in these deaths. 63 As such, the consolidation of Europe’s external borders, the implementation of Schengen and the restrictive

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Television and the politics of British humanitarianism
Andrew Jones

land where destitution and death are not only widespread, but have become a normal part of everyday life. As Dimbleby states, ‘these people are now without hope. They’ve seen mothers and fathers and sons and daughters, weaken and die. Now family by family they await the same end’. The powerful opening shot is followed by an extended discussion between Dimbleby and one of the few medical professionals at

in Global humanitarianism and media culture