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intervention, which ranges from systematic violations of fundamental human rights to a situation akin to genocide, 18 and the point at which to intervene: early on or late in a conflict, when all attempts to stop the humanitarian plight peacefully have failed. During the Cold War, humanitarian intervention was generally considered beyond the pale, although even then a minority of international lawyers supported armed intervention on humanitarian grounds. 19 Some states, notably the US in

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Muslims, which in instances of liberation wars were committed first by the Christian insurgents, who had opted for the use of violence, with the Ottomans over-reacting (in the Greek and Bulgarian cases) and then facing the wrath of ‘civilized’ Europe. Military intervention was never contemplated for the excesses and barbarities of the British in Jamaica, South Africa and elsewhere in Africa, the French and Belgians in Africa, quasi-genocide in British Australia or US policy

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, and so did not want to bring the less fortunate non-Europeans into the European fold. 42 Fourthly, even scholars critical of the extrapolations of others are prepared to offer a small opening for Kant’s advocacy of intervention in extreme humanitarian instances. Pierre Laberge for instance has argued that ‘[s]ince genocide is an idea that can scarcely have occurred to him, to hold that he would prohibit intervention even in such extreme circumstances is surely to be

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). While first depicted as survivors of genocide entitled to claim protection (Anteby-Yemini 2009 ; Willen 2010 ; Paz 2011 ), African asylum seekers 1 soon entered into a language of insecurity and criminality in the Israeli political discourse. The crossing of the Egyptian-Israeli border and the settling of asylum seekers in Israeli cities (in particular Tel Aviv and Eilat) became a matter of concern

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