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Louise Amoore

others condemn it), both liberal and neoMarxist theorists share common ground on the extent of global change. Among the more extreme formulations we read that: ‘The nation-state has become an unnatural, even dysfunctional, unit for organizing human activity and managing economic endeavour in a borderless world’ (Ohmae, 1990: 93). The dissolution of state authority and the rise of marketised frameworks of authority are presented as imperative transformations in a globalisation process. Fundamental breaks with the past are staked out and labelled in diverse ways, though

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Considerations and consequences
Thomas Sutherland

, representing both the movement of travellers and commodities, as well as the volume of such movements through the usage of lines of varying thickness. Snow, who had a distinguished career in medicine, attempted to dispute the hegemonic miasmatic theory of disease transmission by mapping the incidence of cholera across London, demonstrating that the infection was being spread via a waterpump, and was hence water-borne. Although this was not in itself a flow map as we would usually understand it, it nonetheless marks a significant milestone in both the rise of infographics as

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