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supporting funds or membership dues. 39 Much like other organisations, ACRI does not limit itself to specific targets of action. Granted, its principal target is the State and its goal is the attempt to constrain the nature of the latter’s counteractive policy, but it still devotes a considerable part of its resources to social issues, particularly for promoting ideas related to civil and human rights both on educational and public levels. This is done by its publishing of study and didactic materials and the sponsoring of inservice training and

in The Israeli response to Jewish extremism and violence
The social sphere

of democratic education. 32 Nearly nine years after Kahane’s achievement of Knesset membership, the Oslo Agreements between Israel and the PLO were signed. This second critical turning point was supposed to have led to the reform of school curricula. The Oslo Agreements were to mark the passage from the belligerent past to a new era of peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and, within this framework, both Israel and the Palestinian Authority were committed to altering their school curricula and removing all ethnocentric indications. 33

in The Israeli response to Jewish extremism and violence
The parliamentary arena

enough merely to cross the threshold. Kahane and membership in the Knesset were still separated by a small percentage. 19 In the 1977 elections, Kahane once again registered his List, but this time results were significantly weaker. He thereupon preferred to dedicate his time to writing and publishing his ideas and devising grandiose schemes on the subject of the salvation of Israel, while at the same time his followers took sporadic action against the Arabs. The State of Israel, which reacted to Kahane’s extra-parliamentary activities in those

in The Israeli response to Jewish extremism and violence
Attitudes towards subversive movements and violent organisations

leader of Kahane Hai Binyamin Kahane (who was a random target of Palestinian terrorists), these movements proved once again their resilience to the State’s measures, and also gave indication of their expanding membership. In significant numbers, activists from the two banned movements showed up for the younger Kahane’s funeral procession, which quickly transformed into a display of force. Followers of the two movements committed acts of brutal violence against Arabs encountered during the course of the funeral procession, waved their flags and called for revenge. 58

in The Israeli response to Jewish extremism and violence