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Female sexual agency and male victims
Jenny DiPlacidi

. That research across a range of fields suggests there are links between positions of power, non-maternal instincts and dangerous sexual promiscuity illuminates the sociopolitical investment in maintaining the myth of biologically determined gender ideologies. These ideologies, enforced by the mother’s position as nurturer or deviant, are equally informed by the sexual politics of power and desire as

in Gothic incest
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‘Gothicism’, ‘historicism’, and the overlap of fictional modes from Thomas Leland to Walter Scott
Christina Morin

’ ( Longsword , vol. 2, p. 78). The interest shared by Leland and Walpole in the political past and present of the British nation is one similarly professed by their ‘heirs’. If, in 1778, Clara Reeve was advertising her novel, The old English baron , as ‘the literary offspring of the Castle of Otranto’, 53 another text, only a year later, prided itself on being ‘ The Literary Offspring of Longsword, Earl Of Salisbury ’. 54 In describing themselves in this way, both texts proclaimed their interest in what Watt calls ‘the non-specific rhetoric of Gothic

in The gothic novel in Ireland, c. 1760–1829