German Responses to the June 2019 Mission of the Sea-Watch 3
Klaus Neumann

. Most of the more than 4200 comments posted within that time applaud Kellner and are informed by hatred. Some contain threats. For example, ‘Grillgucker’ wrote: ‘A bullet between the eyes would solve the problem.’ Others referred to her as Assel (woodlouse) or Zecke (tick), or to her and her supporters as Volksverräter , the term used in Nazi Germany for traitors. Carola Rackete may seem to be an unlikely role model for mainstream Germans, but her persona is also a small part of the reason for the traction the issue gained. For a start, she is comparatively

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Governing Precarity through Adaptive Design
Mark Duffield

restricted ( BOND, 2003 ). At the same time, despite agency growth and extensive efforts to professionalise relief work, there was little commensurate increase in effectiveness ( Fiori et al ., 2016 ). Growing risk aversion and recourse to remote management, moreover, created problems of distancing and loss of familiarity ( Healy and Tiller, 2014 ). Distracted by debt-fuelled uncertainty, rather than an indignant citizenry, Western publics now present as so many disillusioned, ironic spectators ( Chouliaraki, 2013 ). Diplomatic influence has also

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs