Marie-Luce Desgrandchamps, Lasse Heerten, Arua Oko Omaka, Kevin O'Sullivan, and Bertrand Taithe

crisis was framed very much in terms of (anti-)colonialism. Irish missionaries, in particular, liked to frame what was happening to the Biafrans as akin to what the Irish had experienced in the British Empire. The spectre of famine was particularly significant in this respect. The phrase ‘The Great Hunger’ – which had been popularised as the title of Cecil Woodham-Smith’s hugely successful 1962 book – was used repeatedly by Irish missionaries and NGOs in relation to Biafra

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
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Christopher T. Marsden

: The influence of the dominant super-power is greater than ever before, driven by ICTs. Where the British Empire was represented by telegraphs and railways, the US is represented by satellite television, Hollywood and the Internet …. ICT standards have driven the clustering of economic power within the most connected networks of private corporations

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