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The French search mission for the corpses of deportees in Germany, 1946–58
Jean-Marc Dreyfus

signed a treaty allowing it to join NATO, as well as a convention on cultural exchanges between Germany and France, allowing for student and university trips and the support of language learning. The French mission’s work extended to the whole of the German Federal Republic and, without any particular difficulties, to the German Democratic Republic as well. The Soviet authorities in East Berlin were very helpful in this up until the uprising on 17 June 1953. From this date onwards, exhumations were no longer authorized in the German Democratic Republic.27 To our knowl

in Human remains and mass violence
Time and space in family migrant networks between Kosovo and western Europe
Carolin Leutloff-Grandits

time-space that transcended polity borders. They believed in the future of Kosovo, in a highly patriotic, not very pragmatic sense. Those who did not save money to send to relatives at home or who disregarded their familial bonds were considered ‘lost’ to the community (Dahinden 2005). After 2000: the difficulties of creating new futures here and there The military engagement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Kosovo in spring 1999 ended Serbian dominance there. The social conditions in Kosovo were profoundly changed. Under the protection of the

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