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An Interview with James Campbell
Douglas Field and Justin A. Joyce

James Baldwin Review editors Douglas Field and Justin A. Joyce interview author and Baldwin biographer James Campbell on the occasion of the reissue of his book Talking at the Gates (Polygon and University of California Press, 2021).

James Baldwin Review
A history
Hans Bertens

, was more reluctant to adopt the new term. This was partly due to a false start. The first one to apply ‘post-modern’ to the novel was the influential socialist critic Irving Howe who in 1959 published an article titled ‘Mass Society and Post-Modern Fiction’. Howe here sees postmodernism, represented for him by the fiction of such writers as Bernard Malamud, Norman Mailer and Saul Bellow, as a phenomenon of the American 1950s. For Howe post-war American society is characterized by an erosion of traditional

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