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Between political controversy and administrative efficiency
Kenneth A. Armstrong and Simon Bulmer

2444Ch17 3/12/02 17 2:07 pm Page 388 Kenneth A. Armstrong and Simon Bulmer The United Kingdom: between political controversy and administrative efficiency Introduction: once a latecomer always a latecomer? European integration has represented one of the most fundamental challenges for politics in the United Kingdom since 1945. Integration has highlighted the problems of, and possibilities for, the re-orientation of foreign policy as part of the United Kingdom’s post-war descent from world power status. The ‘Monnet method’ of supranational integration

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The Women’s National Commission
Wendy Stokes

184 CASE STUDIES 9 The government of the United Kingdom: the Women’s National Commission1 wendy stokes Introduction There have been two significant stages in the creation of national machineries for women within government in the United Kingdom. The first phase was in the 1960s and 1970s, when anti-discrimination and equal pay legislation was accompanied by the creation of the Equal Opportunities Commissions (EOC) in England, Scotland and Wales, and the UK-wide Women’s National Commission (WNC). The governments of the 1980s and 1990s established a Minister for

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Vaccine scares, statesmanship and the media
Andrea Stöckl and Anna Smajdor

9 The MMR debate in the United Kingdom: vaccine scares, statesmanship and the media Andrea Stöckl and Anna Smajdor Introduction In 1998, British surgeon and researcher Andrew Wakefield published a paper in the British journal The Lancet , suggesting that there was a link between the triple vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) and the development of

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The case of the management of the dead related to COVID-19
Ahmed Al-Dawoody

This article studies one of the humanitarian challenges caused by the COVID-19 crisis: the dignified handling of the mortal remains of individuals that have died from COVID-19 in Muslim contexts. It illustrates the discussion with examples from Sunni Muslim-majority states when relevant, such as Egypt, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco and Pakistan, and examples from English-speaking non-Muslim majority states such as the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada and Australia as well as Sri Lanka. The article finds that the case of the management of dead bodies of people who have died from COVID-19 has shown that the creativity and flexibility enshrined in the Islamic law-making logic and methodology, on the one hand, and the cooperation between Muslim jurists and specialised medical and forensic experts, on the other, have contributed to saving people’s lives and mitigating the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Muslim contexts.

Human Remains and Violence: An Interdisciplinary Journal
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A Belated but Welcome Theory of Change on Mental Health and Development
Laura Davidson

–020–01082–4 (accessed 4 January 2021 ). United Kingdom Government Spending Review 2020 (25 November 2020 ), (accessed 4 December 2020 ). United Nations

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
The Law and Politics of Responding to Attacks against Aid Workers
Julia Brooks and Rob Grace

Principles ? Humanitarian Outcomes United Kingdom . Healy , S. and Tiller , S. ( 2014 ), Where is Everyone? Responding to Emergencies in the Most Difficult Places Médecins Sans Frontières London . Humanitarian Practice Network ( 2010 ), Operational Security Management in Violent Environments Good Practice Review 8, HPN London . Jackson , A. and Zyck , S. ( 2017 ), Presence & Proximity: To Stay and Deliver, Five Years On Norwegian Refugee Council, Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and Jindal School of

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
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This book explores the new applications of established theories or adapts theoretical approaches in order to illuminate behaviour in the field of food. It focuses on social processes at the downstream end of the food chain, processes of distribution and consumption. The book reviews the existing disciplinary approaches to understanding judgements about food taste. It suggests that the quality 'halal' is the result of a social and economic consensus between the different generations and cultures of migrant Muslims as distinct from the non-Muslim majority. Food quality is to be viewed in terms of emergent cognitive paradigms sustained within food product networks that encompass a wide range of social actors with a wide variety of intermediaries, professional and governmental. The creation of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) occurred at a juncture when perceptions of policy failure were acknowledged at United Kingdom and European Union governmental levels. The book presents a case study of retailer-led food governance in the UK to examine how different 'quality logics' actually collide in the competitive world of food consumption and production. It argues that concerns around food safety were provoked by the emergence of a new food aesthetic based on 'relationalism' and 'embeddedness'. The book also argues that the study of the arguments and discourses deployed to criticise or otherwise qualify consumption is important to the political morality of consumption.

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John Mceldowney

100 DISCIPLINES 7 Law john mceldowney This chapter offers a legal perspective on democratization by focusing on a tightly linked set of issues straddling the border between political and judicial power as they have arisen in, first, the United Kingdom, second, Britain’s relationship with the European Union, and third, the wider international system. The discussion illustrates the claim that no analysis of democratization can be complete without taking into account the dimension of judicial power and its implications for democratic accountability even, perhaps

in Democratization through the looking-glass
Thomas Robb

Puerto Rico June 1976: Treasury Briefing Papers, ABP, Box B62, GFL.   23 Notes from Scott Pardee on the cable from Bank of England, 6 June 1976, File: United Kingdom: Loan from Group of Ten 1976, ABP, Box B113, GFL.  24 TNA: CAB 134/4025 EY(76) 5th Meeting, Ministerial Committee on Economic Strategy, Minutes of a Meeting held at 10 Downing Street, 7 June 1976.   25 Memorandum for the President from Edwin Yeo III, 24 June 1976, File: International Economic Summit Puerto Rico June 1976: Treasury Briefing Papers, ABP, Box B62, GFL.  26 Summary of Discussion by William

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Norman Flynn

individual aspects, such as the ‘first employment contract’ changes proposed in 2006, which would have removed employment protection in the first two years’ employment from workers under 25 years old, but was then dropped after mass protests. United Kingdom The welfare system in the UK has its origins in the Liberal governments of 1906–14, which introduced an unemployment insurance scheme and mutual health insurance societies. The health and unemployment insurance systems were consolidated at the end of the Second World War, providing a universal, free healthcare system, a

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