Thomas D’haeninck, Jan Vandersmissen, Gita Deneckere, and Christophe Verbruggen

and Schuster and the medicalisation of society coincided with the formation of transnational reformist networks and the internationalisation of the social question. 15 Hence, in this contribution we look at the social activism of medical doctors and hygienists in a twofold manner: first, as part of scientific and intellectual movements from which emerges the

in Medical histories of Belgium

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Arjun Claire

broader advocacy framework, characterised by three strategies to guarantee people’s basic assistance and protection needs: persuasion, mobilisation and denunciation ( Slim and Bonwick, 2005 : 84). With its origins in the anti-slavery campaign, and later the civil rights movement in the United States and beyond, advocacy, as such, largely replaced activism 1 with an emphasis on insider ‘lobbying’ strategies, leading critics to suggest that it became a

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Jeffrey Flynn

at three key moments in the evolution of the relationship between them’: activism around ‘Bulgarian atrocities’ in the 1870s, the pioneering use of photography in humanitarian relief efforts in response to Indian famines in the 1870s, and the Congo reform efforts that brought atrocity and photography together ‘for the first time in an orchestrated campaign’ (48). That explains why Twomey’s essay belongs in a book on ‘humanitarian’ photography. But could the essay also

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An Interview with Caroline Abu Sa’Da, General Director of SOS MEDITERRANEE Suisse
Juliano Fiori

that takes a while. JF: SOS might, then, be considered part of a new movement in emergency response, which includes Alarm Phone, Sea Watch and Open Arms. But its operational approach bears some similarity to that of older humanitarian NGOs. Indeed, it works closely with Médecins Sans Frontières… CAS: Yes, we are in touch with Open Arms, Sea Watch and so on, but SOS sits somewhere between citizen activism and humanitarian work. Other search-and-rescue groups, particularly those in Germany, are much more involved in discussing asylum systems in

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Corporations, Celebrities and the Construction of the Entrepreneurial Refugee Woman
Annika Bergman Rosamond and Catia Gregoratti

secure costumers’ loyalties ( Richey and Ponte, 2011 ; Tornhill, 2019 ). Female celebrities have also sought to use their visibility and fame to address the specific needs of women and girls in the global South and conflict zones, often locating their activism within notions of maternal care and cosmopolitanism ( Bergman Rosamond, 2016 , 2020a , 2020b ). Our focus on corporate and celebrity humanitarianism is thus intended to bridge and speak to strands of feminist

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Valérie Gorin and Sönke Kunkel

’s reportage of the visually displaced in Europe between June 1918 and April 1919, published in the mass-circulated and popular Red Cross Magazine of the American Red Cross. Valérie Gorin’s analysis dives into the early use of humanitarian cinema in the 1920s, during the pivotal period of 1919–23 and the first international humanitarian response in Europe, to show how cinema participated as a set of communication practices convergent with transnational activism and advocacy. Sönke Kunkel

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David Rieff

curbs on the public declarations of NGOs imposed by the Sri Lankan government during and after its war against the Tamil Tigers. Medical NGOs will almost certainly have an easier time than, say, groups focusing on community development or psycho-social care, but taken in aggregate the humanitarian world will be less transformed by a post-North Atlantic world than the Northern human rights movement. 4 Humanitarian action has never been a zero-sum game, whereas that is precisely what human rights activism has to be to be morally coherent. So far

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The Visual Politics and Narratives of Red Cross Museums in Europe and the United States, 1920s to 2010s
Sönke Kunkel

. Invoking the values of social commitment and grass-roots activism, the volunteer’s narrative of German Red Cross museums served to motivate and mobilize locals by showing the practical humanitarian contributions of local Red Cross chapters. But here as well the narrative often came along with blinders and problems. German Red Cross museums said little about the interconnections between Red Cross activism and German colonialism or the complicities between the Red Cross and

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A Congolese Experience
Justine Brabant

and armed activism make travel quite expensive. Yet journalists who come to write about or film an armed conflict generally have two primary obligations: to produce a piece that contains the main elements we expect from war reporting (‘news’, analysis and above all ‘reportage’, i.e. ‘things seen’ by the reporter which embody the subject and at the same time prove that he or she was actually there), while limiting the cost and risks. Taking advantage of NGO jeeps addresses

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