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Raquel Salvatella de Prada

does not feel at home there because he experiences racism and discrimination. His will to migrate to Europe remains unbroken. For the first iteration of the installation, the dome structure was created using a 3D-printable geodesic connector system with hardwood dowels. Trace paper was used as the rear projection screen. The second iteration was created using plywood, and the final piece was built using oak, often used in Moroccan woodwork. To reduce the possibility of fire hazards, a professional rear screen projection film was chosen that is

in Migrants shaping Europe, past and present
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The power of refugee artists
Saskia Elizabeth Ziolkowski

constructions and exposes the contradictions involved in establishing racial differences. Camilla Hawthorne examines the racism of Italy's debated citizenship policies, which prioritize bloodlines ( ius sanguinis ) and the children of older Italians (even if they have never been to Italy), rather than those born in Italy ( ius soli ). 5 Melissa Coburn has succinctly brought together many of the specificities of Italy and discrimination: “Italians have all, at some point, been the target of racializing discrimination. As an

in Migrants shaping Europe, past and present
Anna Tybinko

differentiation between the native and foreign populations in Spain is largely driven by the promise of European privilege and not necessarily by concrete material differences. Diario de un ilegal thus offers an important rendering of the years building up to the 2008 financial crisis for the many Spaniards still reeling from the fallout. Although Spain's economy did expand exponentially during the 1990s and early 2000s, Nini's testimonial begs the question: how much of that financial success relied on not-so-glamourous practices of workplace discrimination and labor market

in Migrants shaping Europe, past and present
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A short history of immigration deterrence at the French–British border
Vincent Joos
Eric Leleu

threat to its religious conventions. Meanwhile, the Chinese workers who were already in France and who wanted to stay faced many hurdles and often had no choice but to live clandestinely. In other words, through the management of foreign laborers, the French government created new hierarchies of humanity through racial segregation and systemic discrimination. These hierarchies, in turn, shaped the modern French immigration system. The racial management of colonial and Chinese workers also established a fracture between nonwhite and French workers

in Migrants shaping Europe, past and present