The quest for the right to science
Marco Cappato

12 From Galileo to embryos and narcotic drugs: the quest for the right to science Marco Cappato Introduction: from Galileo to embryos ‘Foolish and absurd in philosophy, and formally heretical since it explicitly contradicts in many places the sense of Holy Scripture’ (Library of Social Science 2016). This was the conclusion reached in 1615 by the Roman Inquisition on Galileo Galilei’s heliocentrism. Using a telescope, Galileo had observed the moons of Jupiter and sunspots, and advocated a heliocentric solar system. He also conducted investigations in buoyancy

in The freedom of scientific research
Regnar Kristensen

9 Dangerous corpses in Mexico’s drug war Regnar Kristensen On 16 December 2009, 400 heavily armed soldiers from the Mexican marine forces entered an enclosed residential zone in the city of Cuernavaca to arrest the drug baron Beltrán Leyva, leader of the Mexican drug cartel of the same name. He was classified as the most violent drug cartel leader on the planet by the American Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and as an extremely dangerous enemy of the fatherland by the Mexican president, Felipe Calderón. For several hours, the marines were engaged in heavy

in Governing the dead
Colin Craig

7 Colin Craig What did you do in the Drug War, Daddy? Inhaling metaphor The War on Drugs has been going on since US President Richard Nixon coined the term in the late 1960s. It appears at first sight to be a completely illogical concept: how, we might ask ourselves, can a war be fought against a conceptual term that defies definition? Of course, the War on Drugs refers to those drugs that have been proscribed by law and therefore deemed illegal, and it represents a conflict with the express intention of eradicating illicit substance use from the face of the

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Jazzing the Blues Spirit and the Gospel Truth in James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues”
Steven C. Tracy

The webs of musical connection are essential to the harmony and cohesion of James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues.” As a result, we must explore the spectrum of musical references Baldwin makes to unveil their delicate conjunctions. It is vital to probe the traditions of African-American music—Spirituals, Blues, Jazz, and Pop—to get a more comprehensive sense of how Baldwin makes use of music from the sacred and secular continuum in the African-American community. Looking more closely at the variety of African-American musical genres to which Baldwin refers in the story, we can discern even more the nuances of unity that Baldwin creates in his story through musical allusions, and shed greater light on Baldwin’s exploration of the complexities of African-American life and music, all of which have as their core elements of human isolation, loneliness, and despair ameliorated by artistic expression, hope, and the search for familial ties. Through musical intertextuality, Baldwin demonstrates not only how closely related seemingly disparate (in the Western tradition) musical genres are, but also shows that the elements of the community that these genres flow from and represent are much more in synchronization than they sometimes seem or are allowed to be. To realize kinship across familial (Creole), socio-economic (the brother), and most importantly for this paper appreciation and meanings of musical genres advances to Sonny the communal cup of trembling that is both a mode and an instance of envisioning and treating music in its unifying terms, seeing how they coalesce through a holistic vision.

James Baldwin Review
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Interpreting Violence on Healthcare in the Early Stage of the South Sudanese Civil War
Xavier Crombé and Joanna Kuper

: We continued to take care of the patients, all through February and March. In the bush, we had a satellite phone, so we managed to communicate with our field coordinator. She really tried hard to find where we are. We told her we are safe but we are in the bush and we are running out of drugs. So, she told us to try and make it to the town of Mayendit. Mayendit was a 13-hour walk. So, we formed a group of twenty–thirty people and they went for

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Editor’s Introduction
Juliano Fiori

migration and trade policies, Europeans have increasingly opted for a closing-inwards of the nation state, calling into question the viability of the European project itself. The Brexit referendum, in June 2016, provided a clear example of this. Politics on the periphery has taken a similarly illiberal turn, with more violent consequences. In the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte boasts of carrying out extrajudicial killings and threatens to kill corrupt state officials, and he has launched a bloody war on drugs, for which he has been

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Emmanuelle Strub

views of whoever was head of mission at the time. The heads of mission in Yemen and Pakistan were very experienced but had different backgrounds and views. For the teams in Afghanistan – specialists in risk reduction for drug users, with no experience in a war context – the context was so complex that luck was the only thing that mattered when it came to security management. The MdM logo was the only reminder that the teams in the three missions

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Hakim Khaldi

identifying their state of health, their needs and the resources to which they had access locally. For the medical facilities, it meant determining their needs for drugs, medical equipment, water and power, as well as their reception and patient management capacity. Two members of MSF’s international personnel – including the author of this article – went to Aleppo in August 2012. We had already developed a relationship of trust with UOSSM’s medical

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
José Luís Fiori

identifies the threats to American national interests ( ibid .: 25–6): 1) Russia and China, the two great ‘revisionist powers’; 2) North Korea and Iran, two ‘rogue states’ that undermine geopolitical equilibrium in Northeast Asia and the Middle East; 3) ‘Jihadist terrorist groups’ and international criminal organisations that propagate violence and traffic drugs and arms. The document offers an extensive list of actions to be undertaken by the US to achieve strategic objectives and confront rivals, from controlling borders to increasing military

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Corporations, Celebrities and the Construction of the Entrepreneurial Refugee Woman
Annika Bergman Rosamond and Catia Gregoratti

. Bacchi , C. L. ( 2018 ), ‘ Drug Problematizations and Politics: Deploying a Poststructural Analytic Strategy ’, Contemporary Drug Problems , 45 : 1 , 3 – 14 . Bacchi , C. L. and Goodwin , S. ( 2016 ), Poststructural Policy Analysis: A Guide to

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs