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Writing about Personal Experiences of Humanitarianism
Róisín Read
Tony Redmond
, and
Gareth Owen

humanitarian memoirs, there has been very little scholarship which focuses on them outside the history of humanitarianism. What role they play in contemporary humanitarianism is still unclear. Lisa Smirl (2012) considered what humanitarian memoir might tell us about the rites of passage of contemporary humanitarianism. Shameem Black draws on Emergency Sex , to argue that it reveals a racialised and sexualised cultural logic at the heart of humanitarianism which ‘connects humanitarianism to the idea of an adventurist colonial romance’ ( Black, 2011 : 54). Ina Friesen

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Grassroots exceptionalism in humanitarian memoir
Emily Bauman

: A Peace Corps Chronicle that helped promote participation in the US Peace Corps. 1 As the industry has become entrenched as a third player permanently integrated into global relations, humanitarian memoir has become a fast-growing genre. For both the relief and development industries memoir is admirably suited as an ambassador from the field to the larger public, oriented as it is to personal

in Global humanitarianism and media culture
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Michael Lawrence
Rachel Tavernor

authors examine a range of media, including the memoir, the news, social media, television and film, and their representations of humanitarian relationships. In chapter 4 , ‘The Naive Republic of Aid: Grassroots Exceptionalism in Humanitarian Memoir’, Emily Bauman considers humanitarian memoir and argues that the genre can provide a counter-discourse of humanitarian government, specifically through its presentation of the

in Global humanitarianism and media culture