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Peter H. Wilson

offices of Colonel Hercules Capol (1642–1706). Capol, who came from an established Grisons family, was promptly named commander of the new unit and it is clear that he relied on his wider kinship and professional networks to recruit it: the company-grade officers included Capol’s nephew, cousin, and son-in-law.33 33 Martin Bundi, Bünder Kriegsdienste in Holland um 1700: Eine Studie zu den Beziehungen zwischen Holland und Graubünden von 1693 bis 1730 (Chur: Calven Verlag, 1972), pp. 30–40. 84 Subsidies, diplomacy, and state formation Regardless of how the agreement

in Subsidies, diplomacy, and state formation in Europe, 1494–1789
Disease, conflict and nursing in the British Empire, 1880–1914
Angharad Fletcher

, and five years later she appears as the newly appointed matron of the Government Civil Hospital in Mauritius.8 The pages of professional journals from the age, including the Nursing Record/British Journal of Nursing, are replete with similar overseas opportunities and appointments from all areas of the British Empire, allowing nurses at various stages of their careers to exploit 44 Imperial sisters in Hong Kong the professional networks contained within. The use of biographical fragments, like those of Nellie Gould and her colleagues that appear within these

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