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The computer game as fictional form

This book is dedicated to the study of computer games in terms of the stories they tell and the manner of their telling. It applies practices of reading texts from literary and cultural studies to consider the computer game as an emerging mode of contemporary storytelling. The book contains detailed discussion of narrative and realism in four of the most significant games of the last decade: ‘Tomb Raider’, ‘Half-Life’, ‘Close Combat’, and ‘Sim City’. It recognises the excitement and pleasure that has made the computer game such a massive global phenomenon.

Towards a digital Complete Works Edition
Dirk Van Hulle

division between the reading texts and the critical apparatus. While the reading texts are the product of textual criticism, the apparatus is often regarded and treated as its by-product, so that as recently as 2018, Hans Walter Gabler still noted the hierarchical nature of the nomenclature of scholarly editions’ various parts: ‘the sections sensed as auxiliary are called ‘Apparatus’, ‘Annotations’, and ‘Commentary’‘ ( 2018 , 122), to ask the key question: ‘how is it that, in general awareness, editions are still mainly perceived simply as texts, and in terms of the

in Beckett and media
‘Postcolonial’ as periodizer
Andrew Sartori

contiguous and contemporary with the colonial, bound to an internal narrative about the colonial foundations of the protocols of disciplinary knowledge. Postcolonialism named an approach to reading texts that could be applied to almost any object. The tension was sharp enough that by 1997, Edward Said was distancing himself from ‘postcolonial studies’ on the grounds that he cared more ‘about the structures of dependency and impoverishment that exist’ in the global South; 30 while Spivak declared herself a critic of

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John Lydgate’s ‘Soteltes for the coronation banquet of Henry VI’
Heather Blatt

’, which ‘involves cognitive perception as two kinds of literacy: reading text and interpreting visual signs’.3 In counterpoint, Michael Camille asserts that attending to the manuscript involves more than confronting medieval reliance upon both word and image; it also requires assessing the sensory experiences manifested through the tactility of parchment.4 Yet, as critics studying the materiality of digital media have shown, details like these that represent the ‘forensic materiality’ of works are only one among a number of ways that materiality constitutes meaning

in Participatory reading in late-medieval England
Libraries, friends and conversation
Justin Champion

obscure or difficult passages I shall be glad to see it’.58 Locke, in his turn, attempted to give Collins careful advice about the necessary ‘application’ required when reading Scripture, only to be rebutted by Collins who insisted that his method of reading was adequate, ‘for I have no 38 MUP/Champion_02_Ch1 38 27/2/03, 10:15 am Libraries, friends and conversation design to find any particular opinion there but only to endeavour to get the same idea that the author had when he wrote’.59 Again these different strategies for reading texts, and making meaning from

in Republican learning
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Mia-Marie Hammarlin

is irregular as a starting-point. The method is improvised, curious, and tentative rather than structured – an open, curiosity-driven process whose development is not determined beforehand (Willim 2010:36f). I thus study the smallest constituents of the media scandal by close-reading texts, and then lift my gaze to understand the totality through an observation of 24Exposed moods, feelings, movements, directions, and events. However, the in-depth interviews that will soon be presented are always in the foreground. In addition, ethnological cultural analysis

in Exposed
Christopher T. Marsden

Second Reading that may have proven to be the key change, together with the very obvious compromising quality of the Spanish European People’s Party MEP del Castillo 12 supposedly defending the parliamentary position from the First Reading. Trilogue is an entirely opaque process, but the German ruling coalition had agreed to argue for the First Reading text in Council. Between their representative, the

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Reading Half-Life
Barry Atkins

fictional presence might not be visible in the same way that Lara Croft remains visible at all times, but it always intervenes to reconfirm that we are reading text and not acting in the world. Notes 1 (accessed September 2001). 2 This is beginning to change, both in frequency and in the reference not just to an author who is accepted as proficient outside the world of the computer game (as an ‘award winning’ writer of genre horror fiction, for example), but in the naming of games designers as ‘authors’. The most obvious current

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The autonomous life?
Nazima Kadir

role of researcher and of activist demand varying skills and modes of operation that at times may or may not overlap. To successfully produce academically, one is required to be diligent, to have the capacity to spend hours at a time reading texts and taking notes, to possess a good memory, feel comfortable with a certain amount of isolation, have copious amount of self-motivation, and a commitment to maintaining a peaceful and stable life that enables the conditions for writing and analysis. To be a capable

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