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James Baldwin’s arrest in Paris in December 1949 gave birth to his perfect storm. His ten days in Fresnes jail weakened him physically and emotionally. He made it out, but upon release he was mired in self-doubt and enveloped in a bout of depression. He returned to his hotel, ready to try to get back to his life, however daunting that effort would be. The hotelier’s demand that he settle his bill, and do it quickly, awakened his obsession with suicide. He simply could not handle one more obstacle in his path; he chose to kill himself in his room. Ironically, he saved his life when he jumped off a chair with a sheet around his neck. In a matter of seconds his death wish was replaced by his equally obsessive need to write, witness, think, party, drink, challenge, and love.

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widely publicised suicides and suicide attempts, in the city and across the country, brought to the fore the suffering of the street vendors. Laments about the city being dead or dying formed the background to their struggle. The rubbish piling up in the streets, an issue that has given Napoli some infamy (Saviano 2006 ), came to symbolise the street vendors’ sense of neglect and abandonment by the State. Their livelihoods were dying and, like the rubbish, they were being left to rot. The Via Bologna street vendors took on, reformulated and transformed narratives

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The violent pursuit of cultural sovereignty during authoritarian rule in Argentina
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what had happened, and they regretted having been unable to obtain any precise information’ (CONADEP 1986: 37). In fact, the captors regarded this death as a defeat, according to the ex-disappeared Juan Gasparini (1988: 149): ‘One had to endure the suffering before an enemy who didn’t give death away. The victory was to earn one’s death.’ Such death wrested power from the repressive state and affirmed the deceased’s agency in the eyes of the remaining captives. Graciela Daleo’s failed suicide attempt, described above, demonstrates how the Argentine military tried to

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Representations of Irish political leaders in the ‘Haughey’ plays of Carr, Barry and Breen
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action, the arrival of Jack into the darkened drawing-room in the middle of the night and his attempted hanging appear to come from a different play. As Colm Tóibín has put it: ‘In scene after scene, the connections between the Silvesters and the Haugheys had been made abundantly clear. Now the script had departed from the story of the Haugheys to tell another story, one of grief and estrangement and the damage fathers cause to their sons.’9 All Jack’s father can manage to do when he is helping to pick his son up from the floor after the failed suicide attempt is to

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reasons for the re-emergence of radicalism. An average family has 15 children – an “alarming proportion” of the young population need schooling and other facilities which are not available. Also women are regarded as second class citizens, despite attempts by officers’ wives to win the confidence and cooperation of these women. 47 Interestingly, the southeast suffers from the highest rate of suicide attempts among women in Turkey – twice as high as other regions. (More women than men in Turkey attempt suicide – twice as many.) Half of the region

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Literary satire and Oskar Panizza’s Psichopatia criminalis (1898)
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1880s. In 1882 he advised his mother to have his sister treated psychiatrically after she had made a suicide attempt. The death of his uncle Ferdinand in a psychiatric hospital in 1884 must have increased Panizza’s fears for himself – Panizza attended his relative’s post-mortem examination and wrote an extensive report.67 In ‘Genie und Wahnsinn’ (‘Genius and Insanity’), his first talk on the topic of genius to the bohemian and writerly audience of the modernist association Die Gesellschaft in Munich in 1891, he elaborated that ‘however much the ∙ 104 ∙ LITERARY

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suicide rates (de Noli, 2014), and that among transnational adoptees suicide attempt rates are as much as 3.6 times higher when compared to the overall population (Hjern et al., 2002:  443), and as much as 4.7 among male adoptees from South Korea. And just as in the experiments above where people reacted less to pain inflicted on black people, the attempts at explaining these numbers mostly leave out race as a factor. For instance, the researchers behind the study on transnational adoptees and suicide comment on the high suicide rates in a newspaper article, suggesting

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camera, so there had been an executive rather than a judicial decision on this matter. The general court martial opened on 11 July. The fact that Rosenthal’s trial was to take place was not concealed; a large crowd gathered outside the Westminster Guildhall, but members of the public were excluded by armed soldiers. Rosenthal, who had made two suicide attempts, was hanged in Wandsworth on 15 July, and not shot. In 1932 MI5 tried to discover the reason for this.65 The files did not provide any explanation, but the officer who looked into the matter had heard at the time

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and Meinhof through suicide appear to have been the catalyst for the ‘Offensive ’77’ launched by the ‘second generation’ of the RAF. When the Offensive failed to secure the release of the original RAF members from prison, they attempted suicide. Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin and Jan-Carl Raspe succeeded. The fourth member, Irmgard Möller, survived her suicide attempt and was eventually released from

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