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The Quinta Normal Park – Colectivo MapsUrbe

. It then jumps from the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in the USA in 2001 to the historical escape from prison of a member of the revolutionary paramilitary organisation Frente Patriotico Manuel Rodríguez in 1996, and on to the related case of the homicide of Jaime Guzmán in 1991, a former counsellor of Augusto Pinochet during the dictatorship. The final ‘jump’ is the most significant one, right to 11 September 1973. The date 11 September in 1541, when Michimalogko was defeated, and in

in Performing the jumbled city
Towards atypology of the treatment of corpses of ‘disappeared detainees’ in Argentinafrom 1975 to 1983
Mario Ranalletti

disparate social movements,21 to the Argentine military there was no doubt about them belonging to a process with a worldwide reach that was against ‘Western Christian civilization’, as part of a ‘third world war’ of a ‘revolutionary’ nature. Thus, for the Argentine military, a questioning of established authority, sympathy for egalitarian projects, labour-union demands, and student agitation were all considered to be of the same nature as a terrorist attack on the state. These changes to the definition of the ‘internal enemy’ took place within an ideological framework

in Destruction and human remains