Cultural readings of race, imperialism and transnationalism

This book analyses black Atlantic studies, colonial discourse analysis and postcolonial theory, providing paradigms for understanding imperial literature, Englishness and black transnationalism. Its concerns range from the metropolitan centre of Conrad's Heart of Darkness to fatherhood in Du Bois's The Souls of Black Folk; from the marketing of South African literature to cosmopolitanism in Achebe; and from utopian discourse in Parry to Jameson's theorisation of empire.

Gender, sexual difference and knowledge in Bacon’s New Atlantis
Kate Aughterson

marshalling of gender in the New Atlantis and to argue that an understanding of Bacon’s use and manipulation of the utopian genre helps re-articulate the gendering of his epistemology. As a consequence of our theoretical approach, there are some key questions to ask about gender and sexual difference in the New Atlantis. To what extent are gender and sexual difference presented in normative terms within the text and how do they relate to contemporary writings about, and contests over, gender? Do they, for example, contest Jacobean political norms? Does utopian discourse

in Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis